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An OnlyFans model jailed for murdering the father of her three children is asking the prison for conjugal visits so she can engage in sexual activity while incarcerated. Abigail White, nicknamed ‘Fake Barbie’ for her blonde hair, large breasts and sensual mouth, stabbed her boyfriend Bradley Lewis, 22, in the heart with a 17-inch kitchen knife on March 25, 2022, after that he tried to finish. her relationship at her home in Kingswood, England.

‘Fake Barbie’, now incarcerated at HMP Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire for a minimum sentence of 18 years, is calling on the UK prison system to change its policies on visiting so the OnlyFans star can meet her ‘needs’. “It has come to my attention, having recently been sentenced to 18 years, that prisons do not facilitate overnight stays for women prisoners and their partners,” Abigail White recently told Inside Time.

Abigail White Age

Abigail White is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

“They should take into account and consider our needs, and allow men and women to spend the night together.” White continued, apparently speaking for other prisoners: “I’d like to know what other prisoners think about this, as quite a few girls here agree.” White is currently allowed daily visits, but she is not allowed physical contact with visitors because prison staff monitor all interactions.

According to The Mirror, The Fake Babie, 24, wants privilege enacted so he can have sexual encounters with her “new man” of hers, which remains a mystery. What happened the day of the murder? When White was arrested last March for the gruesome stabbing of Lewis, it made headlines across the UK. The model, who earned more than $55,000 a year sharing sexy photos on OnlyFans, initially insisted that her boyfriend had stabbed himself before finally admitting to the violent act.

White claimed that she never meant to hurt Lewis, but that she just wanted to “scare” him with the kitchen knife. On the day of the murder, the couple allegedly argued in a pub after Lewis allegedly tried to break up with White. She allegedly threw a drink in his face, and Lewis reportedly told a friend, “I’m dead when I get home.”

Meanwhile, netizens criticized the 24-year-old for demanding sex in prison. One user said on Twitter: “She is more worried about having sex in jail than hers 3 children of hers, leaving her less of her as a mother to her. 18 years behind bars with her could do him good. Though probably not.” Another user wrote: “Today’s women, very rare.” Another person noted: ”

She gave up her rights when she murdered an innocent man.” One user mentioned: “Gtfo get out of here. You are in jail, not in an adult camp.” “She is trying to build a railway in Prison… Choo choo,” another user commented.

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