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Yolanda Dillion had recently started driving for Uber as a way to make ends meet. The 54-year-old New Orleans woman had a master’s degree in sociology from Tulane University and 10 years on the job as a budget analyst with the New Orleans Police Department, relatives said. She was just trying to pay her bills and get out of debt,” said Dillion’s cousin, Marlene Riley, 62, who called her a kind and humble person.

Little did Dillion know that the last passenger she picked up on Thursday afternoon had lethal intent. Moments after she arrived at her destination, the Travelodge hotel in Harvey, authorities say 29-year-old Brandon Jacobs attacked and stabbed her at least twice from the back seat of his vehicle before pulling out his cellphone and recording the consequences.

Yolanda Dillion Age

Yolanda Dillion was 54 years old.

Yolanda Dillion  Cause of Death

Jacobs and Dillion did not know each other and there was no motive for the stabbing, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said at a news conference Friday afternoon. “She woke up yesterday morning and decided that she was going to kill someone,” Lopinto said.

Jacobs was detained Thursday night right outside his room at the Travelodge in the 2000 block of West Bank Expressway. He admitted to killing Dillion and was charged with second-degree murder, Lopinto said. Earlier in the day, Jacobs had ordered an Uber to transport him from the hotel to a location in New Orleans.

Jacobs had intended to kill the first driver, but he changed his plans when he realized he would not return to his hotel, Lopinto said. Instead, Jacobs ordered a second Uber, and Dillion accepted the ride. Asked by investigators why he chose Dillion as her victim, Lopinto said Jacobs responded: “I didn’t choose her. Uber chose her.”

Jacobs posted cellphone video he recorded after the stabbing to his Facebook account, authorities said. The Sheriff’s Office then worked with the social media company to remove the video, Friday morning. Investigators contacted Uber to identify Dillion’s passenger, but the company was unable to immediately provide that information:

The fare had to be officially closed using the app on Dillion’s cellphone, Lopinto said. Detectives located the phone in her vehicle and closed the rate, allowing them to finally identify Jacobs as a suspect. They determined that he was staying at the hotel and arrested him when he left his room to smoke a cigarette, Lopinto said.

“He met the wrong person at the wrong time and unfortunately he lost his life because of it,” Lopinto said. Dillion lived with and cared for his mother, 83-year-old Edna Dillion. “She took very good care of me,” Edna Dillion said Friday.

Yolanda Dillion was an only child who was born and raised in New Orleans. She graduated from Marion Abramson High School before earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Xavier University, An outgoing and friendly soul, Dillion was well known at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, where she was a lector and read the scriptures during Mass, her mother said.

Yolanda Dillion had no children of her own, but she loved to spoil the little ones who attended church.At her kitchen table, Edna Dillion pointed to the dozens of red and green candy bags that Yolanda Dillion had planned to fill and  hand out to the children at church for Christmas.

“She was fun loving. She was still a big girl,” Riley said. Yolanda Dillion was a breast cancer survivor. Although her relatives described her as friendly and outgoing, she was definitely a homebody who spent most of her time with family or at church, they said.

Edna Dillion knew that her daughter delivered food for Uber, she did not realize that Yolanda Dillion had also started picking up passengers. But she wasn’t comfortable with her daughter’s part-time job. “I tried to make her stop. I didn’t want him to do it,” Edna Dillion said. “But she wasn’t afraid of anything.”

“She didn’t deserve this,” Riley said. New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson called Yolanda Dillion an extremely charming person. Her death hit her team and her co-workers hard, he said. “She will be greatly missed,” Ferguson said.

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