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The remains of Yesica Martínez, 25, were discovered on Sunday, March 19, 2023, a few days after her disappearance. According to her husband, her body was partially clothed when found. The Texas woman was last heard from on Friday, March 17, as she was returning from work. According to the authorities, Yesica Martínez’s husband, Mario Morales, 34, was the one who reported her disappearance.

Morales mentioned that the 911 dispatcher told him that Yesica possibly left the relationship without warning. The 34-year-old was further informed that he and Yesica have been together for three years. He went looking for his wife when she didn’t come home after 2 am. The same night, authorities responded to an accident in which Yesica’s truck crashed into a wall. Although her car was found, authorities did not locate her body until March 19.

Yesica Martinez Age

Yesica Martinez is 25 years old.

Yesica Martinez Incident Detail

A tragic incident occurred when the body of a Texas woman named Yesica Martinez was found Sunday in a ditch along the southbound service road of the North Stemmons Freeway. Two days before the incident, she allegedly disappeared as she was coming home from her new job at a bar in North Dallas.

Yesica’s husband, Mario Morales, stated that the last time he heard from his wife was at 12:40 pm on Friday. Martínez told him that she was not having a good day at work, to which Morales asked her to come home. According to reports, she was on her way back home. However, Morales began to worry when Yesica did not arrive at her house in Pleasant Grove by 2 am.

He allegedly went to the bar where she worked to check on her. Morales said: After filing a report at a Dallas police station, Morales also shared Yesica Martinez’s license plate number. Shortly thereafter, authorities responded to a crash and discovered that Yesica’s truck had hit a wall. The officer also told her husband that Martinez was possibly arguing with a man during a 911 call made during the accident.

Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, law enforcement officers searched the nearby area but were unable to find any trace of the missing woman. After a constant search, authorities found the remains of Yesica Martínez on March 19 in a ditch near the crash site.

Morales mentioned that her body was found “quite beaten and half-naked.” Stating that authorities found her in less than two hours on Sunday, he further claimed that they also recovered her late wife’s phone and her glasses inside the abandoned car. Morales believed that the police officers did not search the area well enough to find his missing wife. . However, the claim was not considered by DCSO. According to Doug Sisk, spokesman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department:

His mother-in-law, Michelle Rios, started a GoFundMe campaign on Sunday. The fundraiser reportedly raised more than $400 of a goal of $6,500. She wrote: Yesica Martínez’s husband also mentioned that she was an “angel” for her children and that they also had a daughter together. According to Kristin Lowman, a spokeswoman for the Dallas police, Martinez’s death has been ruled an “unexpected death.”

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