Wyoming Swimmers Killed: Three Dead, Two Injured in a Car Accident at South Wyoming-Colorado Border

Wyoming Swimmers Killed

In a devastating turn of events, three members of the University of Wyoming swimming and diving team lost their lives in a tragic car crash near the Wyoming-Colorado border. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon, claiming the lives of sophomore Charlie Clark, junior Luke Slabber, and freshman Carson Muir.

Two other team members sustained non-life-threatening injuries, marking a somber day for the university’s close-knit community. The details surrounding the accident are currently under investigation, leaving many questions unanswered.

Wyoming Swimmers Killed
Wyoming Swimmers Killed

Wyoming Swimmers Killed

The incident occurred at the intersection of U.S. Highway 287 and Red Mountain Road between Livermore and Virginia Dale, Colorado. According to the university’s news release, “Initial indications are that the driver swerved, and the vehicle went off the road, rolling multiple times. The accident is under investigation”.

The Colorado State Patrol stated that various factors, including speed, impairment, or other distractions, are still being considered in the ongoing investigation.

Three Wyoming Team Members Found Dead

Three members of the University of Wyoming swimming and diving team tragically lost their lives in a car crash on Thursday afternoon near the Wyoming-Colorado border. The victims have been identified as Sophomore Charlie Clark, 19, of Las Vegas; junior Luke Slabber, 21, of Cape Town, South Africa; and freshman Carson Muir, 18, of Birmingham, Alabama.

The tragedy has left the University of Wyoming community in shock and grief. University President Ed Seidel expressed the collective sorrow, stating, “We are heartsick at the news of this terrible tragedy for our university, our state, our student-athlete community, and, most importantly, the families and friends of these young people”.

Tom Burman, the Director of Athletics at UW, added, “It is difficult to lose members of our University of Wyoming family, and we mourn the loss of these student-athletes. We have counseling services available to our student-athletes and coaches in our time of need”.

Previous Tragedies on the Same Highway

This heartbreaking incident adds to a series of unfortunate events involving the University of Wyoming students on the perilous U.S. 287. In 2001, eight members of the University of Wyoming cross-country team lost their lives in a head-on crash on the same highway, highlighting the need for safety improvements.

Safety concerns were also raised in 2010 when a pickup truck accident claimed the life of a University of Wyoming football player. Additionally, in 2021, three students lost their lives near the site of Thursday’s wreck due to icy pavement conditions.

Calls for Safety Improvements

A summary of a 2023 Colorado Department of Transportation report indicates above-average crash rates on the same stretch of U.S. 287. This information underscores the urgent need for safety improvements on this highway to prevent further tragedies.

Remembering the Lives Lost

In memory of the departed swimmers, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon urged everyone to “keep their families, friends, and loved ones close to your hearts during this difficult time”.

As the University of Wyoming community mourns the loss of these promising young athletes, there is a collective call for increased safety measures to prevent such tragedies in the future. The investigation into the accident continues, with authorities considering various factors that might have contributed to this devastating incident.

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