Wyoming Swim and Dive Team Car Crash: Three Wyoming Team Members Lost Their Lives in a Car Crash

Wyoming Swim And Dive Team Car Crash

The University of Wyoming’s swimming and diving community is in shock and mourning following a tragic car crash that claimed the lives of three team members. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon, approximately 10 miles south of the Wyoming-Colorado border on the U.S.

Highway 287. Freshman Carson Muir, sophomore Charlie Clark, and junior Luke Slabber lost their lives in the single-car crash, while two other team members sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Wyoming Swim And Dive Team Car Crash
Three members of Wyoming Swim And Dive Team Car Crash

Wyoming Swim and Dive Team Car Crash

The University of Wyoming released a statement, indicating that the Toyota RAV4 carrying the students swerved, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and roll multiple times. The crash occurred on a stretch of highway between Livermore and Virginia Dale. Importantly, the car was not on a team-related trip during the incident.

University President Ed Seidel expressed profound sorrow, stating, “We are heartsick at the news of this tragedy for our university, our state, our student-athlete community, and, most importantly, the families and friends of these young people”.

Tragic History Repeats

This tragic event echoes a dark episode in the university’s history. The crash occurred on the same highway where, in 2001, eight members of the Wyoming cross-country team lost their lives in a collision caused by a drunk driver—a fellow Wyoming student.

This stretch of Highway 287 has gained notoriety as the “Highway of Death,” with 15 fatal crashes reported in the previous five years.

Investigation Underway

The Colorado State Patrol is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash. Preliminary information suggests that the RAV4 may have swerved to avoid a vehicle slowing down to turn left, leading to the tragic rollover. The investigation considers factors such as speed, impairment, and other distractions. No specific cause has been ruled out at this time.

What Happened to Wyoming Swim and Dive?

The three students, Charlie Clark (19), Carson Muir (18), and Luke Slabber (21), were not on an official school or athletic function trip at the time of the crash.

Clark, a psychology major from Las Vegas, Muir, an animal and veterinary sciences major from Birmingham, Ala., and Slabber, studying construction management from Cape Town, South Africa, were integral members of the swimming and diving community.

Community Support and Counseling

In response to the tragedy, the University of Wyoming is providing counseling services to the affected students, coaches, and other university community members.

University Counseling Center’s contact number is (307) 766-2187, and an after-hours crisis counselor can be reached at (307) 766-8989. Additionally, employees can seek support through the Employee Assistance Program, specifically MINES & Associates, at 800-873-7138.

In these difficult times, the University of Wyoming is coming together to remember and honor the lives of the lost students, offering support to those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.

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