Where Is Don Lemon Now? What is Don Lemon Doing Now?

Don Lemon Is Back

Don Lemon, the renowned CNN anchor, is making headlines once again after being ousted from the cable news channel last year. So, where is Don Lemon now, and what is he doing?

Don Lemon Is Back
Don Lemon Is Back

Where Is Don Lemon Now?

Don Lemon is back, and this time, Elon Musk has got him. After he departed from CNN amidst the tumultuous changes within the network, Lemon announced his return with a captivating venture. According to the source, Lemon will be hosting a three-times-a-week podcast on X, the social media platform owned by Musk.

The podcast, aptly named “The Don Lemon Show,” is set to debut in February. Lemon’s move to X, formerly known as Twitter, marks a significant shift in his career trajectory. As per the arrangement, X will have exclusive rights to stream Lemon’s podcast initially, with plans to distribute it across other digital platforms later on.

Lemon’s decision to venture into the realm of digital media echoes a trend among news hosts who seek greater autonomy in expressing their views. Notably, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson also found refuge on X after departing from the conservative news channel.

Likewise, Megyn Kelly, another former Fox News figure, has found success with her podcast on SiriusXM radio, following her tenure at NBC News.

What is Don Lemon Doing Now?

During his 17-year tenure at CNN, Lemon established himself as a prominent figure, particularly in the later years when he transitioned into a more commentator role. However, his time at CNN faced turbulence after the network changed leadership and direction.

With Warner Bros. Discovery taking over CNN in 2022, the network underwent a shift towards the political center, leading to Lemon’s reassignment to a morning program.

Despite Lemon’s significant contributions to CNN, his departure was marked by controversy, including tensions on set and contentious remarks. His departure from CNN coincided with Carlson’s exit from Fox News, signaling a significant shift in the media landscape.

Don Lemon’s return to the spotlight with Elon Musk’s platform underscores the evolving nature of media consumption and the increasing influence of digital platforms.

As Lemon embarks on this new chapter, his journey serves as a testament to resilience and adaptation in an ever-changing industry landscape. Stay tuned for “The Don Lemon Show” as Lemon continues to captivate audiences with his insights and perspectives.

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