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The wheelchair-bound Rapunzel, who is constantly sharing her pregnancy journey with the world, is being bullied on social media for various reasons. Social media users talk anonymously about her body, her relationships and even her unborn baby on websites like Reddit.

However, the creator has decided to speak out about it, and she recently tried to remove the “sarcastic page” from Reddit. Speaking about how the allegations and harassment have led to mental health issues, anxiety, depression and loss of income, she posted a message on Instagram that read: 29-year-old social media influencer Wheelchair Rapunzel, aka Alex Dacy, is Known for passionately advocating for body positivity.

Wheelchair Rapunzel Age

Wheelchair Rapunzel is 25 years old.

Incident Detail

She constantly challenges stigmas and notions around disabilities, as she was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2, a progressive genetic disease that causes loss of muscle mass and impaired mobility. Alex was only given two years to live when she was born. But now, she’s an entrepreneur creating products to raise awareness for disabled bodies.

Like most content creators, Wheelchair Rapunzel has talked about being hated and trolled on social media. In her post, she also talked about how many Google documents on Reddit were “dedicated” to leaving her without job opportunities. She said:

The Reddit page Rapunzel is talking about has inappropriate photos posted by many without her consent. Apart from this, she stated that the page also has private information about her personal life, which has been revealed by her “friends” and caregivers. She also claims that people have also talked about her sexual relationships on the platform.

Wheelchair Rapunzel also addressed how she is losing massive income because of the page. She claimed that she chose to ignore the page and the content within it for a long time, but it eventually started to affect her and the people around her. Speaking about how she is ready to take action, she said:

She concluded the post by stating that she was not a “rape apologist” or a “victim blamer.” This all started a year ago when many users posted that Wheelchair Rapunzel is friends with a man who sexually assaults minors. In the meantime, fans have been very supportive in the comments section, giving Wheelchair Rapunzel the necessary muscle. At the moment, it is not clear what measures the content creator will take against cyberbullies.

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