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On Monday, February 13, a suicidal U-Haul driver, Weng Sor, was arrested after he allegedly went on a highway rampage that resulted in one death and eight injuries. According to the Associated Press, the reckless rampage began around 10:17 a.m. m. in Brooklyn, after the 62-year-old man reportedly got on the sidewalk and began running over pedestrians.

The entire ordeal, which lasted approximately 50 minutes, led to a high-speed chase that ultimately led to his arrest. According to the New York Post, at the time of the incident, Weng Sor was homeless and living in the U-Haul. truck that was used in the attack.

Weng Sor Age

Weng Sor is 62 years old.

Incident Detail

In addition, the suspect’s family claimed that he has a history of mental illness. His son, Stephen Sor, 30, said the suspect often commits acts of violence when he doesn’t take his medication. According to his legal records, Weng Sor is a homeless man whose mental health issues prevented him from establishing himself and leading an organization.

normal life. His family noted that he had a history of violence, having served 17 months for stabbing his brother in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2015. In 2020, Weng Sor was involved in another stabbing incident, after spending a year in jail. During the U-haul rampage, he could reportedly be heard yelling that he wanted someone to shoot him, indicating that he has self-destructive tendencies.

Stephen Sor said that such incidents are not irregular for his father: Daryl Singer, the suspect’s brother-in-law, said he used to work at one point, but he couldn’t keep his job: Singer added that due to Sor’s violent tendencies, it would not be safe for him to live among the general public, stating:

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