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Earlier this year, reports that Wendy Williams was in serious health trouble left fans on edge. Now her biggest fears have been confirmed after Williams was seen struggling to walk as she clung to her bodyguard who was supporting her.

The former queen of daytime TV was seen leaving her high-rise building, holding her bodyguard’s arm as she made her way to her car on Tuesday, August 23. She wore a slip-style dress with an overshirt and sneakers.

Wendy Williams Age

Wendy Williams is 58 years old.

Incident Detail

The former TV show host appeared to have difficulty walking and was moving slowly while appearing slightly hunched over. His eyes were strangely wide, though the reason behind his struggle was still unclear.

As he limped along, Williams flashed a huge ring on his finger and said, “This is a real ring. I wanted it so big it looks fake. By the way, my next destination is Core Club to get my money.” He said to him as he entered a building. For those unaware, Core Club is New York’s exclusive members-only club that charges a $50,000 initiation fee, according to Gotham Mag, and a $15,000 annual membership. She was seen in the celebrity hotspot quite often this year.

In addition to his health struggle, he has been in the public eye for his strange behavior and financial crisis. Earlier, the star was spotted outside her New York apartment looking slimmer than ever. The weight loss she went through was visible on her face. Her cheekbones jutted out causing fans to speculate.

It was revealed that Williams has been battling Graves’ disease and an addiction to alcohol. Photos of the star in an alarming state were shared on her Instagram fan account, where fans shared her fears for her health. One wrote, “I pray she gets help,” while another added, “I feel so bad for her.”

A source close to the Williams family revealed to US Sun that Wendy’s son, Kevin Jr, ran up a huge bill on his American Express card before his brokerage accounts were frozen in January. “Kevin Jr spent about $100,000 on Wendy’s personal America Express card. This was her own AmEx specifically,” the source shared.

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