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Vladimir Putin has reportedly been on high alert over threats against his regime since the daughter of his close ally and ultra-nationalist Alexander Dugin was killed in a car bomb incident. The attack on Darya Dugina, 29, is believed to have been aimed at her father.

In the wake of the brutal attack on Darya, Putin now “fears a blow.” Alexander Dugin witnessed the murder of his daughter and explained how he saw Darya’s car catch fire. Russian officials were seen investigating the scene of the attack on Saturday, August 20. The attack reportedly occurred on a Moscow highway.

Vladimir Putin Age

Vladimir Putin is 69 years old.

Incident Detail

According to a report by RadarOnline, the incident has clearly shaken Vladimir Putin and his life is likely to be in danger, as investigators investigating the incident predicted. Investigators also claimed that the attack targeted Alexander, who, in the hours leading up to the incident, had been attending a festival with his daughter Darya. The duo were supposed to leave in the same vehicle, but changed plans at the last minute.

“Taking into account the data already obtained, the investigation believes that the crime was planned in advance and had an orderly character,” the investigation committee said in a statement on Sunday, also revealing that the bomb that killed Darya was being detonated. remote form. Darya allegedly died from an explosive device installed in the Toyota Land Cruiser, after the car ran onto a public road where it later caught fire.

Like her father, Darya also openly supported Putin’s decision to open the war on Ukraine. According to RadarOnline, Russia has blamed Ukraine for the Darya incident, to which Ukraine responded by saying that their country is in no way involved in the incident and that such accusations are made to “provoke” Ukraine. “Ukraine clearly has nothing to do with yesterday’s bombing, because we are not a criminal state like the Russian Federation, let alone a terrorist state,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said in a public statement.

Despite being shocked by the incident, Vladimir Putin himself referred to Darya’s death and posthumously awarded the young woman the Order of Valor in tribute to her. Father Alexander Dugin gave a speech at Darya’s memorial service where he stated that Darya died for the people and for Russia. Meanwhile, questions are being raised about who was originally responsible for this incident, what their motives were, and whether the well-being of anyone else, especially Putin, is at stake in the wake of this attack in Russia’s capital.

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