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A police officer who was wounded in the head 33 years ago and was in a coma has passed away. According to reports, Troy Patterson passed away at a New Jersey rehab facility on January 16, 1990, after being shot. The announcement was announced on the Detective Manning Association’s Twitter account.

He wrote on Twitter: “The Detective Endowment Association announces the demise of Detective Troy Patterson with a heavy heart. When three thieves attempted to steal Patterson in 1990 while he was off duty, Patterson acted as a police officer and was shot, suffering serious injuries. The DEA will always remember.

Troy Patterson Age

Troy Patterson was 76 years old.

Troy Patterson Cause of Death

A message from DEA Chairman Paul DiGiacomo was also included in the article, which read: “Detective Troy Patterson was a New York City hero who inspired hundreds of fellow detectives to continue his brave and significant task of combating crime. Troy will always be remembered for his selflessness and sacrifice.

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His family and he will never be forgotten, thanks to the DEA. Patterson, according to The Daily Mail, was attacked by three men when he was 27 years old. When the perpetrators, 20-year-old Vincent Robbins and 17-year-old Darren Crawford, along with 15-year-old Tracy Clark, approached the policeman who was not on duty and cleaning his car on Jefferson Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, they demanded

before killing him with a.38 calibre handgun in the head for $20. They were eventually all charged and jailed. Patterson had been in a vegetative condition ever since. But according to his loved ones, he used to sense his presence. Troy, the detective’s son, once advised the Daily News to “shut up and listen. He occasionally makes a grunt or a sigh when he hears my voice.

Although I cannot understand what he is saying, he is aware of our presence. Also, according to Michael Greys of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, “You could see flashes of him still trying to get by.” He was an excellent cop, Darryl Hinkson, Patterson’s former partner, remarked following the shooting in 1990. The best for me. Clifton Hollingsworth, a former detective, reportedly said at a vigil in 2022: ”

That day he was shot, he was busy washing his car. Protecting this city and people who called it home was his life’s work. Troy Patterson leaves behind a lasting legacy. He was a soldier and a fighter.The following statement was made by Hollingsworth on April 30 on Facebook: “It is with much grief and a heavy heart that I  let my Facebook friends and family know that he is a real hero and brother at Blue Det.

Troy Patterson has transitioned into eternal life with the Lord! Troy was shot in the head by three men who attempted to rob him 32 years ago, and is now in the hospital. As the founder and a member of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement, he continued, “I would like to thank the Police Department for showing the family nothing but love and support for my efforts over the past 32 years to inform every police officer about Troy Paterson. No more suffering! May the City now rename the street and honour Troy Paatterson as a hero! No other details at this time! Please go in peace.

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