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Ricardo Jones, a 31-year-old Florida native who wanted to be a rapper, was meant to be placed on a temporary hold at the Scotland County Jail. County police pulled him up for a traffic violation and found a warrant for his arrest from his home state on drug-related crimes. Jones, a father of four children and a future sibling, never went back to Florida.

He was discovered dead on a mattress on the floor of a cell one week after being arrested. According to an autopsy, Jones was murdered.Ten months after Jones’ passing, his family claims they still don’t understand why no one has been put on trial. The jail where Jones was held was relatively tiny, designed to restrict inmate movement, and equipped with security cameras, at least one of which was pointed towards his cell.

Ricardo Jones Age

Ricardo Jones was 31 years old.

Ricardo Jones Cause of Death

They want the prison convicts responsible for Jones’ death to be charged. They also want the jail employees responsible for not being watchful. “I don’t want my son’s death to be in vain,” his mother, Celestine Mitchell, said. “I want my son’s passing to benefit others so they don’t depart from this world as he did,” the mother said.

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A state Department of Health and Human Services inquiry uncovered oversight issues at the Scotland County Jail when Jones was a prisoner there. His passing makes it the fourth time in the past four years that state investigators have discovered that custody staff at a county jail failed to frequently check on an inmate hours before he or she was violently killed. It is unknown how Jones passed away.

But information can be found in public records. According to a report from the medical examiner, jail guards saw other convicts enter Jones’ cell about noon on June 18 through a surveillance camera. Jones was apparently found by jailers inside the cell, still wet from the shower, sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

According to the investigation, Jones declared he didn’t require assistance. Officers returned when they “observed numerous” convicts “continuing” to enter Jones’ cell. When Jones did not reply this time, police called for emergency medical personnel.

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