Tracker CBS TV Show, Jeffery Deaver Book Colter Shaw In Order

Tracker Cbs Tv Show

Justin Hartley, renowned for his role in “This Is Us,” takes on a new persona in the CBS series “Tracker.” The show, based on Jeffery Deaver’s best-selling novel “The Never Game,” introduces Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist on a mission. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of “Tracker” and explore its unique take on procedural drama.

Tracker CBS TV Show

“Tracker” revolves around Colter Shaw, a self-proclaimed “rewardist” or, essentially, a bounty hunter. The show follows a procedural format, tackling a new mystery in each episode. Colter, portrayed as stoic and aloof, traverses the country in his Airstream trailer, employing his expert training to unravel clues others have missed.

The pilot episode, “Klamath Falls,” sets the tone by thrusting Colter into a quest to locate a missing 14-year-old boy, providing viewers with a glimpse into his meticulous approach to investigations.

The Unique Dynamics

While traditional procedural dramas boast expansive casts with intricate backgrounds, “Tracker” takes a different route. Colter’s team, consisting of Velma and Teddi Bruin, Bobby Exley, and Reenie Greene, is modest but essential.

Tracker Cbs Tv Show
Tracker Cbs Tv Show

The challenge arises as Colter is constantly on the move, making it difficult for the team to establish a cohesive rapport. The dynamics among the characters add a layer of complexity to the narrative, contributing to the show’s distinctive flavor.

Mixed Reception

“Tracker” garners mixed reviews, with the pilot episode receiving both praise and criticism. The meticulous attention to detail in investigations and Colter’s impressive survival skills are commendable. However, the stilted dialogue among characters in moments of non-investigative focus impedes viewer connection.

The series finds its stride in Episode 2, “Springland,” where Colter’s pursuit of a missing woman in a resort town brings palpable hostility and surprising twists, showcasing the potential for engaging storytelling.

Jeffery Deaver Book Colter Shaw In Order

Beyond the procedural aspect, the most captivating element of “Tracker” lies in Colter Shaw’s traumatic upbringing, unveiled in the pilot. Living off the grid and raised by a father grappling with mental illness and paranoia, Colter’s childhood incidents left a lasting impact on his character.

The show hints at the unresolved trauma from Colter’s past, adding depth to his lone-wolf persona. However, the series leaves the exploration of this intriguing backstory largely untapped, potentially a missed opportunity for a more profound narrative.

A Fine Network Drama but Lacking Star Power

“Tracker” functions adequately within the network drama landscape. However, it falls short of being a standout series, with Colter Shaw lacking the charisma that made Hartley’s previous character, Kevin Pearson, memorable.

The show, despite knife fights, shootouts, and dangerous encounters, fails to offer a groundbreaking experience, especially in an increasingly competitive television landscape. Without Hartley’s star power, “Tracker” risks being overshadowed by more compelling long-running series or emerging procedural dramas with a more charming ensemble cast.

“Tracker” presents a unique take on procedural drama with its lone-wolf protagonist and episodic mysteries. While the show has its moments of intrigue, it struggles to establish a consistent core case that could elevate it to the heights of other cult-favorite series.

As viewers dip into the world of “Tracker,” it remains to be seen whether the compelling backstory of Colter Shaw will be fully explored or if the series will lean more heavily on the procedural format. Only time will tell if “Tracker” can carve its niche in the television landscape.

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