One Day Leo Woodall: Leo Woodall’s Character On One Day Netflix

Leo Woodall

Leo Woodall, the rising star known for his charismatic portrayal of characters, has recently stepped into the leading role in the Netflix series “One Day.” In this article, we delve into Woodall’s experiences, challenges, and triumphs, exploring his character in “One Day” and the transition from his role in “The White Lotus.”

Leo Woodall
Leo Woodall

One Day Leo Woodall

Before auditioning for “One Day,” Woodall took the time to familiarize himself with the story’s roots. Having watched the 2011 film adaptation, he was drawn to the narrative’s depth. In an interview with Variety, he expressed, “I just think it’s such a beautiful story. It’s dubbed as a romance story, but there’s just so much life in it.”

Woodall, who was simultaneously filming Season 2 of “The White Lotus” in Italy, faced the challenge of adapting his accent for the character Dexter. His commitment to the role saw him flying from Sicily to London for auditions, making specific adjustments to capture Dexter’s essence.

Leo Woodall’s Character On One Day Netflix

Leo Woodall’s Introduction to “One Day” Before auditioning for the latest adaptation of “One Day,” Leo Woodall watched its first iteration, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

Woodall, who was filming Season 2 of “The White Lotus” at the time, found the story captivating. “I just think it’s such a beautiful story. It’s dubbed as a romance story, but there’s just so much life in it,” he tells Variety.

Challenges of a Leading Role Once cast, Woodall faced the challenge of playing the lead, Dexter Mayhew. This marked his first time in such a prominent role, and he acknowledges the pressure that came with it. However, the supportive crew made the experience fulfilling. According to Woodall, “It was a wonderful challenge in realizing that responsibility.”

Chemistry with Ambika Mod “One Day” hinges on the chemistry between Dexter and Emma. Woodall explains that the connection between him and Ambika Mod, who plays Emma, came naturally.

“We knew that we were going to lean on each other a bit, and we were lucky in that we did bond early, and it made working a lot easier. I think maybe our friendship carried through on screen,” says Woodall.

Navigating the Tough Moments The series takes viewers through the ups and downs of Dexter and Emma’s lives. Woodall reflects on the challenging scenes, particularly the heartbreaking moments involving Emma’s death and Dexter’s subsequent struggles with grief and addiction. “They definitely were the tougher parts of shooting, and incredibly taxing,”

Leo Woodall On White Lotus

From “The White Lotus” to “One Day” Leo Woodall rose to fame in “The White Lotus” and seamlessly transitioned to being the lead in “One Day.” Reflecting on his career, Woodall states, “I know that in this occupation, there’s a lot of variety that you can have,” expressing a desire to play diverse roles, including that of a sportsman or a sports coach.

Ambika Mod’s Initial Hesitation Ambika Mod, who portrays Emma Morley in “One Day,” initially turned down the role. However, a change of heart led her to reconsider. Mod explains, “It took well into the shoot for me to convince myself that it was the right call for me to be there doing that,” revealing her initial reservations despite her love for the source material.

Woodall’s Instant Connection to Dexter Woodall, drawn to Dexter’s silliness and vulnerability, eagerly accepted the role. Describing the story as beautiful with well-formed characters, Woodall expresses his joy in being part of the adaptation.


Leo Woodall’s journey from “The White Lotus” to the lead role in “One Day” showcases his versatility and dedication as an actor. The series, with its exploration of love, friendship, and life’s complexities, has left an indelible mark.

As Woodall continues to rise in the entertainment industry, his commitment to portraying characters with truth and integrity promises an exciting future.

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