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59-year-old drummer and musician Tommy Lee recently announced to the world that he had joined OnlyFans. And this was done in the most successful way: by wowing thousands of audience members during his band Motley Crue’s show in Las Vegas on Friday, September 9. He then proceeded to share the image of his bare buttocks, with the words ‘Only Fans’ written on them on Instagram. Lee’s decision to move to the subscription-based content site comes after a recent NSFW post shared by him on Instagram was removed. His selfie, which included full frontal nudity, went against the social media giant’s community guidelines that do not accept nudity. According to Ace Show Biz, during the band’s performance, Lee told the crowd, “In case you guys are living under a rock, I’ve been in trouble a bit lately,” referencing the removal of his classified portrait. x.

Tommy Lee Age

Tommy Lee is 59 years old.

Incident Detail

The 59-year-old taunted his fans, saying: “I want to see what kind of trouble we can get into tonight. We’re in Vegas, right? And I think we should dispel that f*****g b*** ***t ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ To hell with that. Let’s share it with the world.”

In a move not many expected, the lead drummer turned around and dropped his pants onstage. The words, ‘Fans Only’ were written on his buttocks. He later shared the same image on Instagram, captioning the post, “Heard it here tonight www.onlyfans.com/TommyLee join me there for some fun Instagram won’t let us have here.”

Lee’s animated tirade against Instagram’s restrictions was visceral and raw. She also encouraged male members of her audience to follow suit: “I showed them my s**t. They took it off the internet… What I did is go to a place where you can be free as a f**k. And you can Show anyone what you want, and they won’t take it away. So suck it up.”

Previously, his full frontal nude selfie had taken his followers by surprise in August. The uproar didn’t last long as the post was quickly taken down. According to the source, Lee had spoken about the image last month, during the band’s show in San Antonio, Texas. He said: “A couple of weeks ago, we had a two-week break from touring, and I went on a spree, bro,” adding, “I got screwed.” g sideways like f**k and got naked and posted pics of my d**k. And usually I want to say I’m a sexy man so I like to see boobs, but tonight is equal opportunity night.” He went on to tell the crowd, “Tonight I want to see the d**k of all Come on guys, get the sh*t off. Get the damn garbage out of him. Let’s go”

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