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Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have finally confirmed they are divorcing after 13 years of marriage, saying they have reached an “amicable” settlement that addresses their enormous wealth, a child custody plan and a division of their massive property portfolio. This news comes after weeks of rumors and speculation about the intense instability in the couple’s relationship.

Gisele, 42, and Tom, 45, are both shining examples of success and had the ability to earn a lot in their respective careers at the time of their marriage. Although he is injured and just missed his first Super Bowl, the NFL star is still considered one of the best players in the game and his supermodel wife is one of the most famous faces in the industry.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Age

Tom Brady is 45 years old and Gisele Bundchen is 42 years old.

Incident Detail

Tom has played 22 seasons in the NFL, helping his teams win seven Super Bowl championships and breaking countless records along the way. Meanwhile, Gisele has appeared in more than 550 advertisements, appeared on 2,000 magazine covers, and participated in 800 fashion shows. Although Gisele put her fashion career on hold to support her husband’s quest to continue his Super Bowl triumph, the couple made an impressive fortune together and now that they are no longer together, they are estimated to have a joint value of $733 million.

Tom’s profession is still active, Gisele is said to be wealthier than her husband, with the supermodel’s net worth estimated at $400 million compared to the athlete’s $333 million as listed by Celebrity Net Worth. The couple’s divorce announcement, at long last, provided answers to many lingering questions about the state of their union, but it also prompted new speculation about how they will divide their enormous wealth, particularly their $26 million or more in real estate, and who they are.

He will give them custody of their two children. The former couple jointly own several properties across the country, including a $3.6 million apartment in New York City, a $17 million mansion on Miami’s Indian Creek Island, an opulent estate in Yellowstone, Montana. , believed to be worth $5.7 million and a beautiful home in Costa Rica. Tom and Gisele bought a 5,772-square-foot estate on Indian Creek Island two years before they split and tore it down with the intention of building a modern, eco-friendly mansion in its place that cost an additional $10.12 million to build, according to the Daily Mail.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, hotelier Jeffrey Soffer and wealthy businessman Carl Icahn were supposed to live next door to the family after construction was completed on the property that was meant to be their eternal home. Although the future of the house is still unknown, the construction of the building has not stopped. And while it’s unknown who will inherit Tom and Gisele’s various homes, it was recently revealed that Gisele bought another home in February to add to her illustrious list of estates.

The question remains who will get custody of Tom and Gisele’s children, Benjamin Brady, now 12, and Vivian Lake Brady, now 9, after the couple split? A custody hearing in Florida weighs on a variety of factors, according to FLDivorce, including: “Which parent can promote a better relationship between the child and the non-custodial parent, the amount of time each parent spent with the child before the divorce , the amount of time each parent will be able to spend with the child after the divorce, where each parent will live and how that will affect the child’s development, any special needs or care the child may need, and each parent’s ability to provide that to the child, and what is in the best overall interest of the child.”

John Edward Thomas Moynahan, now 15, is Tom’s son from his previous marriage to Bridget Moynahan. During their 13-year marriage, Gisele took on the role of stepmother to the boy and was frequently seen with the teenager; however, because Gisele never legally adopted him and is not related to her by blood, he is not a party to the custody dispute, unlike Benjamin and Vivian.

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