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Queen Camilla had an unexpected scare when her plane was hit by a bird in flight. The British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (G-YMMJ) plane believed to have the Queen Consort on board, while traveling from Bangalore, India to London, was reportedly attacked on Friday 28 October, with footage released on Twitter showing a large indentation. in the nose.

Many may find this surprising, but with decades of flying around the world to fulfill her royal duties, the Queen Consort is still said to be afraid of flying. In one case, she allegedly sat on the steps of a small private plane during her visit abroad and refused to enter. She had been seen in the past shaking hands with her husband, King Charles, when the plane usually takes off.

Queen Consort Camilla Age

Queen Consort Camilla is 75 years old.

Incident Detail

Interestingly, Charles himself is a pilot and has deep sympathy for his phobia of flying. However, at one point she couldn’t take it and yelled, “Honey, please don’t hug me so tight!” The wife of the newly appointed King Charles was visiting India to spend some quality time at a holistic health resort near Bangalore, People reported. Camilla, the queen consort and some of her friends reportedly took wellness therapy near Bangalore, India.

She had previously visited Soukya, the holistic health center in Bangalore, where she was staying, and even planned a visit for King Charles on his 71st birthday, along with her actress friend Emma Thompson. The wellness center offers meditation, homeopathy, yoga, therapy and a world-renowned ancient traditional system of Ayurveda, led by Dr. Isaac Mathai.

In addition, the residential medical institute prides itself on being the world’s first comprehensive health destination, targeting “healing, prevention, or rejuvenation,” according to its official website. The 75-year-old’s visit to India came after two grueling months as she became queen consort following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

King Charles then became king at the age of 73. The royal family with the United Kingdom and the world mourned the death of the queen, which was followed by her state funeral on September 19. This was followed by another week of royal mourning as King Charles and Camilla spent most of their time in Scotland without outside interference. According to the Daily Mail, a British Airways spokesman said: “The plane landed safely and customers disembarked as normal.” The airline is expected to resume regular operations shortly after undergoing the inspection.

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