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With Todd and Julie Chrisley soon going to jail for bank fraud and tax evasion, their granddaughter’s mother is reportedly preparing to gain full custody of her. The reality TV stars were reportedly sentenced when Todd spent 12 years behind bars, while his wife will spend seven. In addition, the couple has also received three years of supervised release, which will reportedly begin after their jail time.

Todd is currently the sole legal guardian of his son Kyle and Angela Johnson’s daughter, Chloe. They reportedly had the girl in 2012. After Todd and Julie were sentenced, Johnson told TMZ that she is “in the process of putting the gears in motion to regain full custody of her daughter.” It was reported that due to his drug addiction, Kyle first lost guardianship of Chloe in 2016, making Todd and Johnson the girl’s legal custodians.

Todd and Julie Chrisley Age

Todd is 53 years old and Julie Chrisley is 49 years old.

Incident Detail

However, the same year, Johnson was also removed from custody as he reportedly submitted a false application for Medicaid assistance. However, according to TMZ, Chloe’s mother “has made a statement to put the case behind her … and now she wants her daughter back.”

This comes after Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor and president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, shared her views on the sentencing with PEOPLE. She reportedly said that Todd and Julie will likely serve “85% of her sentence.” Rahmani reportedly said: “

And that is the minimum they will have to meet if they are model inmates. Unlike states where inmates can sometimes serve less than half of their sentence, under federal statutes you only get a slight reduction for good behavior.”

Rahmani also criticized the couple’s likely plan to appeal the sentence, saying: “I think this shows a [level of] narcissism. There was so much evidence in those financial records. The fact that they did not accept any responsibility, even after being convicted, is one of the reasons why the judge punished them and got such high sentences.

They took no action to mitigate what they had done.” “So, they’re going to roll the dice on an appeal. I don’t think an appeal will be very successful, because there is no clear legal error. They have very little chance of winning,” Rahmani added.

Additionally, former Chrisley family member Alexus Whilby, who was once Kyle’s wife, also criticized Todd and Julie’s “light” sentence. She told Hollywoodlife: “I think his sentence was light considering his complete lack of responsibility. It is very probable that they thought that this too was going to happen”.

“I think they were aware of what they were doing. The jurors saw evidence that they knew what they were doing was wrong. They lied to get money from the loans. They lied about their wealth to everyone. They’re modern day Bonnie and Clyde,” Whilby added.

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