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USA star forward Ricardo Pepi was recently seen showing off his moves and pole dancing in a Netherlands jersey after the team knocked USMNT out of the world cup in Qatar with a brutal 3-1 thump. The 19-year-old striker, who plays for Dutch club soccer with Groningen, appeared to have lost a bet in the crucial knockout game. and shouting “Pepi!” in the background.

Then, the striker goes up on stage and pole dances with the orange shirt on. Pepi’s comedic moves made the crowd in the Dutch nightclub have a blast as they filmed him with great amusement. On social networks, several comments pointed out that Pepi had lost a bet and had to put on his shirt.

Ricardo Pepi Age

Ricardo Pepi is 19 years old.

Incident Detail

“Lost a bet no one better hate,” one user wrote, while another mocked him by saying, “What a loser. Suppose Gravenberch did this in case the Netherlands lost to Germany, then we would have scolded him too. He’s a drunk jerk.” “Disappointing because I felt I gave myself the best chances to be on the World Cup roster,” Pepi said in November after the World Cup squad was announced. ”

I felt like I had a chance, but at the same time not to disappoint because, like I said, I did my thing, I went out there, I played a lot of minutes, I scored my goals. I’m very happy with that.” situation. At the end of the day, it’s a coach’s decision that I can’t control.

I feel like once he told me, I wanted to turn the page as soon as possible and focus on the game now. I can’t keep thinking why I didn’t make it or why I did it,” he said, according to DailyMail.

Defending his decision, manager Gregg Berhalter said at the time: “The Dutch league, I think it’s a great league, but it doesn’t bring the same physicality that the Premier League or the Championship brings. That was something that influenced the decision.” , according to Goal.com.

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