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Four family members were found dead in what appeared to be a murder-suicide case at a home in New Orleans, authorities said Thursday, February 9. Authorities say someone from the house called them around 7:30 am and they arrived. on the scene only to discover the dead bodies of a man, a woman, a 13-year-old boy, and a 20-year-old man dead in the house.

The person he called was later identified as the father of the residence named Timothy Earl Ragas according to The Sun, who repeatedly called emergency services, shouting that he “can’t live like this anymore.” Timothy Bruce Ragas, 13, and Eric Thornblom, 20, were identified as the brothers, Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said, and the two remaining adults were identified as their parents.

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Timothy Earl Ragas’s age is Unkown.

Timothy Earl Ragas  Cause of Death

In addition, the authorities also found notes detailing the horrific crime and found several weapons. They found “notes along with weapons” inside the home indicating it was “some type of murder-suicide,” Lopinto said according to NOLA. The interior of the house was in a “deplorable” state and possibly did not have active electricity. The house where the murders occurred is located across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

Timothy Bruce Ragas was a student at Marrero High School, and the Jefferson Parish School District released a statement later Thursday. “We are aware of the unfortunate incident that occurred this morning with one of our students,” the statement said. “JP Schools is fully cooperating with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Our deepest condolences and condolences go out to the family of the student involved and the entire Marrero Middle School community.”

“We can’t live like this anymore,” Ragas, 43, told the call operator. “You will find four bodies when you get here.” Police said all of them were found dead from gunshot wounds. When authorities arrived at the scene, they heard the family dog, Faye, barking non-stop in the front yard. Timothy Earl Ragas told authorities where the dog would be found during the call. He worked as a patrol officer for the agency from July 2011 to June 2020, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

There is evidence that the parents, Timothy Earl and Joanna Ragas, decided to end their lives together due to financial pressure, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto. However, the researchers are not willing to jump to any conclusions as of now. Detectives and the coroner’s office will rely on the ballistics evidence to make that determination. The bodies of the parents were found in their bedroom, separated from the remains of the children.

“Really unfortunate scene,” Lopinto said. “It seemed like financial problems and stuff had led to a destitute situation and unfortunately they took it into their own hands. I don’t know if there was electricity in that house at this time.” The sheriff also said the parents may have worked together to shoot the children and then themselves.

Some of the information might lead me to believe that they decided to do this together, the parents, but I’m going to let the coroner’s office make that determination,” Lopinto said. “Obviously, we don’t know at this point, but there is some evidence that leads us to believe that way. We’re still processing that scene. I don’t want to speculate too much because that might not be the case, but let’s dig into that a bit more.”

“We are saddened by this tragedy and offer our prayers for the families affected,” the St. Charles Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Deputies had trouble accessing the interior of the home due to the condition of the residence,” Capt. Jason Rivarde said. Joanna Lainez, 36, a neighbor of hers, said she never saw anyone in the one-story home with visible roof damage. and vines covering half the front of the residence

“I never saw a light in the house. It was always dark. The grass was never cut. It seemed like no one lived there,” Lainez said An elderly man, Gerald Bergeron, 80, who lives across the street from Ragas’s home, said he saw the family from time to time, but they never interacted with others. “They mostly kept to themselves,” he said.

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