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A whistleblower at the St Louis transgender clinic has made shocking claims about the harmful side effects of drugs administered to adolescents. Jamie Reed alleges that the drugs “distort” the genitals and cause bleeding. After spending four years working at a transgender clinic for children and teens, Reed reveals that teens are being prescribed harmful drugs they don’t know about, after being forced to transition because it’s considered hip.

Reed perceived a “lack of formal protocol” at the center and said doctors were ignorant of the fact that the girls were lying about having other illnesses and were prescribing hormones. She reveals that for a young girl to begin transitioning into a man, all she needed to do was see a clinic-recommended therapist once or twice and get a letter of support for her decision.

Jamie Reed Age

Jamie Reed is 35 years old.

Incident Detail

Reed further revealed that the therapist was often given a template for the letter written by the clinic. Jamie Reed is a queer woman who has worked at the Washington University Transgender Center at St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri for four years and was responsible for admitting patients between 2018 and November 2022.

In an article for The Free Press today, Reed says she took the job with the intention of “saving” trans children, but that she believes what is happening amounts to “permanent harm” to young and vulnerable children. After four years, she says, she became convinced that the clinics were harming children and families, whose understanding of the realities of the medical side effects involved was frighteningly poor.

Reed transferred from the transgender center to a different department in November 2022. She says doctors at the hospital treat the issue of transition between teens as an “experiment.” She also claims that doctors at the clinic acted as if they had more decision-making rights than parents, and that only parental consent was required in cases involving minors. To prove her point, Reed cited many examples.

She opened up about how a 17-year-old girl’s birth canal was supposedly being “opened” when she had sex while taking testosterone to transition into a man, not knowing that the drug would cause her to bleed profusely through her clothing if had sex. And in other scenarios, teen girls were terrified when their clits turned into micropenises after taking the alleged drugs.

She further stated that some children with psychiatric disorders from juvenile detention centers were also introduced because at some point they had expressed an interest in changing their gender. Such in-depth exposure of Reed has shocked the Internet, many people praise Reed’s courage in telling the truth. One user tweeted: “This isn’t the only issue people are afraid to talk about.

We rarely see this kind of bravery. I hope Jamie Reed’s example leads more people to speak up even when it’s risky. What if someone gets attacked for speaking the truth, there’s always @TheFIREorg.” Another also tweeted: “Wow. Thank you Jamie Reed. She has confirmed everything we’ve been saying. Also talks about how doctors turned a blind eye to detransitioners.”

“It’s about time I wrote this article. If you read and share an article related to the gender crisis today, make it this one. We need more people like Jamie Reed to listen to their conscience, admit that they have participated in the harm and sound the alarm bells. while another added.

But not everyone is happy with Reed’s action, some claiming that he could be wrong and deceitful. One user wrote: “Shame on this Wash U gender clinic ‘whistleblower’ Jamie Reed. This will cause tremendous harm to all trans youth and their families in STL. Someone in the GOP paid this woman to do this, I bet my bottom dollar. #washu #protectransyouth.” Another tweeted: “Well Jamie Reed is just ‘dropping it’ and the few examples he gave aren’t ‘awful’ at all.”

Well, Jamie Reed is just “squirting” and the few examples he gave aren’t “awful” at all. 17-year-old girl “she rushed to the hospital after bleeding through her towel” because “the girl had sex while she was on testosterone, which thins vaginal tissue”.

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