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Terrell Owens and Caitlin Davis Wiki – Terrell Owens and Caitlin Davis Biography

Misdemeanor criminal charges have been filed against an alleged “Karen” from Florida in connection with her viral altercation with former NFL player Terrell Owens in August. Caitlin Davis, 38, is accused of giving false information to police after saying Owens tried to run her off the road while she was riding a bike through her gated enclave in Deerfield Beach, according to the New York Post.

She reported to police that Owens had been driving too fast and had even run a stop sign, according to an incident report. She said that when she challenged him about her alleged reckless driving, he got out of her car and started harassing her. Owens shared an 11-minute video on Instagram, with the caption, “KAREN IS REAL!! Wow!! JUST A NORMAL NIGHT OF BEING A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA ??????? I mean I can’t believe it but y’all know what it is. #karenonbikes #tears #falsasaaccusations #hernameiskate”.

Terrell Owens and Caitlin Davis Age

Caitlin Davis is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

However, police said video surveillance and other evidence suggested her statement was false and led to the filing of charges three months after the event. Owens, a former star wide receiver for several teams including the San Francisco 49ers, broadcast the discussion live to his fans. In the video, the lady yells, “You almost hit me!” “Now you’re making stuff up,” Owens says as cops survey the scene. “Just like a Karen.”

The two agreed that the woman yelled at Owens to slow down, and he responded by parking his car, getting out and yelling at her. “But you didn’t have to get out of your damn car!” she screamed. “You didn’t have to talk to me like that!” Owens responded. Off camera, a different lady appeared to defend Owens. According to this woman, Owens barely hit the 911 caller and was not driving too fast through the area.

Davis also mentioned her race during the discussion. She said, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman.” Owens didn’t appear to respond at the time, but later admitted on ‘Good Morning America’ that the comment was obviously racist. “I think that says what you want to know about the situation,” he said. After the event, Owens told TMZ that if the “wrong cops” had come to the call, he could have died.

“I hope that people here in Florida are monitoring what has happened,” Owens had said. “I hope that maybe [Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody] can address this and see what can be done because, as I said, this could have gotten very, very bad and, as I said, it could have been a situation where You guys may not have been talking to me live here today, but you have been talking about me in a different way.”

According to Owens’ video, the woman also accused him of maintaining a messy property and violating HOA guidelines for the neighborhood. “I’ve seen it on TV,” she said. “But I have never been a part of anything like this. This is incredible”. Owens, 48, played for the NFL for 15 seasons between 1996 and 2010. He had a successful career with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys before finishing one season with the Bengals and Bills.

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