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The trolls criticized Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz for allegedly claiming she is “disabled.” The controversial reporter wrote on her Twitter: “People with disabilities are struggling *to participate in society*. That’s all we want. We want strong, layered covid protections that keep everyone safe and allow us to go to work, school, etc. in a safe way. No judgment here, but you should consider why that is so offensive to you.”

The exact people who accuse us of trying to “lock everyone in” are those who advocate for policies that would prevent people with disabilities from safely participating in society indefinitely. If speaking publicly to my audience about how covid can cause permanent health problems and calling out covid denialist rhetoric makes me an “asshole” and a “bitch” then it is what it is.

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Taylor Lorenz is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

I would say that there is nothing more cruel than contributing to the death of vulnerable people and social exclusion”, he added. Taylor Lorenz is known for pointing out various issues related to people with disabilities. However, there is no information available if Taylor is actually disabled.

Taylor also wrote in another tweet: “Funny when people say ‘I don’t have a problem with vulnerable people with no followers posting about the long term damage of COVID and calling out denial, I only have a problem when Taylor Lorenz, a does a very high profile medically vulnerable person, that’s scary!”

“Saying things like ‘the real bullies are the immunocompromised people who ‘money in fear’ by posting about how they’ve been ostracized from society,” or accusing medically vulnerable people of wanting to lock everyone up forever (totally untrue) is denial greedy. . Directly,” she added.

Lorenz works as a culture and technology reporter for NYT. Her work has gained prominence for its predominant focus on Internet culture. Born in New York City, she grew up in Connecticut. She joined NYT in September 2019 and previously worked for the Daily Mail as global head of social media.

She has even written for Business Insider, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast as a technology and culture writer. Unsurprisingly, people began trolling the Washington Post journalist for claiming that she was disabled. One person wrote: “As a society, we have always sought to be compassionate and supportive of people who are struggling, but it is not pragmatic to make that unlimited.

Taylor, and any group he now claims to be a part of, cannot be the final arbiter of those requirements for the 330 million people.” “Since when is being a senior a disability,” another user wrote hilariously. Another wondered, “What is the term for self-disabled?” “I mean, have you seen the way she talks and writes, she’s clearly telling the truth,” added another. “I’m not ruling it out, but I think she and I would disagree on what her disability is,” another user commented.

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