Survivor’s Boston Rob Reveals Why He Will Thrive On Deal or No Deal Island

Boston Rob Mariano

Reality TV legend Boston Rob Mariano, known for his triumphs on Survivor, has set his sights on a new challenge — Deal or No Deal Island. Having conquered Survivor and showcased his strategic prowess, Boston Rob is ready to navigate the uncharted waters of this intriguing competition.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, he shares his insights into why this show appealed to him and how his diverse experiences, from Survivor to the poker table, have prepared him for this unique adventure.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

Survivor’s Boston Rob Reveals Why He Will Thrive On Deal or No Deal Island

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Boston Rob explains his motivation to join Deal or No Deal Island, stating, “I’ve been a fan of Deal or No Deal forever, and this is a different format. To be a part of something in its inaugural season where we can write our own rules and strategy live was appealing to me”.

As a seasoned Survivor player, Boston Rob initially grappled with adjusting to Deal or No Deal Island’s distinct gameplay. He highlights the differences, stating, “It’s not alliances, it’s not voting, it’s not what I’m used to.

So I had to adjust for sure, and once I realized what it wasn’t, I was able to figure out what it was”. His adaptability and perceptiveness become evident as he discusses the evolving strategy throughout his time on the island.

Boston Rob’s extensive background, including Survivor and professional poker, proves valuable on Deal or No Deal Island.

He emphasizes the relevance of risk versus reward, stating, “Definitely elements of poker with risk versus reward — when to step on the gas and when to hit the brakes at the same time”. His ability to find edges and exploit weaknesses is a testament to his multifaceted skills.

Boston Rob believes that Deal or No Deal Island has the potential to become a long-lasting success, stating, “This is a format that could go a lot of years. This could be the next big thing. It really could, because you can play this over and over”. He attributes the show’s unpredictability to its varying degrees of variance and luck, making it an engaging experience for the audience.

Did Boston Rob Win Survivor?

While Deal or No Deal Island marks Boston Rob’s latest venture, his legacy was solidified on Survivor. According to IMDb, Boston Rob Mariano won ‘Survivor: Redemption Island,’ beating out 17 other contestants and securing a $1 million prize. This victory marked his fourth appearance on Survivor, showcasing his resilience and strategic prowess.

Rob has competed on Survivor a record-breaking four times and he beat out 17 other contestants, winning ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’!

“Boston Rob” Mariano has finally won Survivor! The 35-year-old reality star won eight of the nine votes cast on the CBS finale Survivor: Redemption Island, on May 15 and he gets to take home a cash prize of $1 million!

But Rob is no stranger to reality competition shows, he and his wife Amber Mariano have competed on The Amazing Race twice and this was his fourth time on Survivor!

“You don’t know for sure until the votes are read, but I had a pretty good feeling,” Rob says. “I played my heart out. I love this game, but you’ve got to get lucky along the way, too. I know what it takes. It’s really, really difficult. I’m really, really happy things happened the way they did this time.


As Boston Rob Mariano embarks on Deal or No Deal Island, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his strategic maneuvers in this unique reality competition. With a storied history of triumphs on Survivor and now a significant win on Deal or No Deal Island, Boston Rob continues to captivate audiences with his unmatched skills and adaptability.

Whether navigating alliances on Survivor or facing the unpredictable twists of Deal or No Deal Island, Boston Rob remains a force to be reckoned with in the realm of reality television.

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