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A former children’s minister has been arrested in Alabama on 215 counts of possession of child pornography after police received a tip. Steve Robert Wukmer, 66, was arrested Monday at his job in Fort Payne, Alabama, near the Alabama-Georgia border. Before moving to Alabama, Wukmer lived in Ohio and worked as a children’s minister.

According to his Facebook, he is originally from Dayton, Ohio and moved to Rainsville, Alabama, a city in DeKalb County, in May 2022. Anderson Theological Seminary, where Wukmer earned his Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in 2003, told The Daily Mail that he moved to five different states over a five-year period.

Steve Robert Wukmer Age

Steve Robert Wukmer is 63 years old.

Steve Robert Wukmer Incident Detail

The Rainsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division opened an investigation into the former minister/pedophile in early November. The Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at his Alabama home and authorities seized items that revealed 215 instances of child pornography.

According to a blog bio of him, Wukmer has been in the ministry for more than twenty-three years and has served as a pastor, youth pastor, deacon, Christian school teacher, and at Boy’s Homes as a principal, assistant principal, and teacher. Wukmer wrote a blog called Christian Home Schooler which he described as a resource “dedicated to helping Christian parents homeschool their children.” He last posted to the site in 2013.

In one of his last entries, titled ‘The road to heaven: are you going?’ provides guidance on how to spend eternity with God. Some of the advice he offers includes: ‘recognize that you are a sinner’; and ‘realize that the judgment for your sin is death, eternal separation from God.

James Hayes, vice president for academic affairs at the Theological Seminary, said he never met Wukmer, but confirmed that he was a student at the seminary from January 1998 until the spring of 2003. He took all of his classes online.

According to Hayes, Wukmer had been in the ministry for thirteen and a half years before joining his program. He did not know which churches the disgraced minister was affiliated with before the show.

The director, however, called Wukmer’s many addresses over the years “unusual” and disturbing given the recent charges against him. Hayes said he was in Pontiac, Michigan, the location of Midwestern Baptist College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, then Wyoming, South Carolina, Missouri and Florida.

“I guess he was working at a church and Christian schools in all these different states,” Hayes said. ‘He had so many moves. It’s hard to see when and where he was. It is unusual to have five addresses in five years. ‘Something like this just doesn’t show up. It happens over time,” Hayes said of Wukmer. Hayes said he was surprised when he heard the news about his former student.

‘We were not aware of this. The school condemns all forms of pornography, but child pornography is reprehensible, according to the Bible it is a sin,” Hayes said. ‘Most of our students are preachers and pastors. They are hard-working men and women who are trained in the ministry.

Child pornography is disturbing in any situation, but working as a pastor and with children and doing it as a Christian is despicable.” “We’ve had 15,000 students graduate in more than 41 years and this is the first case of child pornography I’ve heard in the seminary,” he said.

“If he’s found guilty, he’s not only going to have to go to prison here, but he’s going to have to appear before God Almighty in court,” Hayes said. “We condemn this and we will make sure we do our part to oppose this.” Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson said he was “disgusted that someone could be doing this type of thing here in Rainsville.” He added, “but unfortunately, I’m not surprised either.”

“We in law enforcement are seeing more and more of this terrible act, including at the local level,” Edmondson said. “I am very proud of our police department for participating in this investigation and doing it quickly to protect the children of our community.”

The Rainsville Police Department says it is not aware of any similar misconduct while Wukmer was in Ohio. He is currently being held at the DeKalb County Detention Center in Alabama and is awaiting bond.

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