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On February 10, a family member in Illinois called the Newton Police Department after not seeing Stephen (44), Monica (34), Aiden (11) and Nicholas (9) for a few days and sensing something wasn’t right. Newton police published a “attempt to locate” flier for the four-person family on Valentine’s Day. They were captured on camera departing in the middle of the night in their blue 2005 Ford F150 truck that was pulling a U-Haul.

Their technological devices’ most recent ping came from Richmond, Indiana. Unknown where, the U-Haul they were towing was returned.The family’s home is currently unoccupied, and no one has been seen in the family for several weeks, according to a news release the police department issued almost two months later. Their mobile phones have been cut off.

Stephen Lutz Age

Stephen Lutz is 50 years old.

Incident Detail

Police said Stephen appeared in court through Zoom in January to answer allegations of domestic assault. He was given a bond release and told not to speak to or see his wife, the victim, or the family’s residence. Although some accusations are still pending and detectives confirmed there had been prior and other reports of domestic abuse in the residence, a warrant has been issued for Stephen’s arrest.

According to a police department missing person flier, “the family is believed to be in grave danger.” Another Stephen Lutz child, Brittany Lutz, said in an interview with WCIA that she contacted her half-brother, Aiden, a few days before they vanished. She claimed he informed her of the family’s vacation but did not specify where. Since February 10th, she hasn’t heard from Aiden.

According to what she claimed in the interview, “I did text my father Stephen on February 14 and said if they needed to get away, I could take the boys and just get them back to a normal life.” He said that they lead normal lives apart from one another and that he is not permitted to be in their vicinity. Brittany went on to say There is nothing wrong with our home or the way we rear our children, Stephen wrote in a lengthy text to her.

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We appreciate your offer, but what we really need is love, support, unity, and healing. Since that text conversation, she hasn’t heard from her father. According to Brittany, Stephen was detained after being accused of striking Monica back in January. According to what I was informed, Monica and the boys had to sprint to a neighbor’s home in order to dial 9-1-1 and flee from the attacker.

They were barefoot, she remarked.A few days after Stephen’s arrest, according to Brittany, Aiden told her a troubling story about him. According to the small child, when he entered Stephen and Monica’s room, he discovered Stephen conversing with a clown mask hanging on the wall. I know what I need to do, Stephen reportedly stated, according to Aiden. I must murder three people.

My wife Monica came first, then my son Aiden, and finally my son Nicholas.The boys were homeschooled, according to neighbours, and Stephen allegedly made sure Monica didn’t interact with the neighbourhood or have friends. Riley Britton, the chief of Newton Police, reported that the FBI and the Illinois State Police have joined their search for the family.Call the City of Newton Police Department at 618-783-8478 if you have any information about the Lutz family.

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