Who is Larry Allen West and Carol Joyce Deleon? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Suspect, Victim, Investigation

Larry Allen West and Carol Joyce Deleon Wiki – Larry Allen West and Carol Joyce Deleon Biography

The man who allegedly shot an 18-year-old recent high school graduate six times in the head has allegedly been located, according to investigators. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Larry Allen West was detained on Thursday and charged with murder.Authorities said that on May 28, 1981, 18-year-old Carol Joyce Deleon graduated from Thomas Edison High School in San Antonio, Texas.

On June 3, a few days later, she visited a nearby nightclub. On June 4, 1984, she was discovered shot to death alongside Interstate 35 in Comal County, Texas, but despite verifying her fingerprints and consulting reports of missing people from the region, authorities were unable to identify her.According to the Texas DPS, “She was buried in New Braunfels, Texas as a Jane Doe.”

Larry Allen West and Carol Joyce Deleon Age

Carol Joyce Deleon was 18 years old.

Larry Allen West and Carol Joyce Deleon Incident Detail

In 2009, authorities used DNA testing to identify Deleon.According to KENS5, investigators believe that the case was resolved after further testing of DNA discovered on Deleon’s remains directed them to West. Despite some of her clothes being removed, the authorities maintained there was no sign of a sexual assault.

Authorities claim in records obtained by the source that when Texas Rangers paid West a visit at his place of business in Converse, Texas, he freely provided them with a sample of his DNA. He allegedly said that he frequently visited neighbourhood bars in Bexar County to meet younger women, but he denied having any involvement in the murder of Deleon.

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The victim’s DNA, which was discovered on her body and under her fingernails, purportedly revealed a different tale. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Larry Allen West could not be ruled out as the foreign source of this DNA profile.

The likelihood of choosing a stranger at random to be the source of this foreign DNA profile is roughly one in 422.1 quintillion. Investigators claim that West’s ex-wives claimed he had an aggressive personality. In the 30 days they were married, his first wife said he routinely beat and raped her.

Sandra Deleon, Carol’s sister, told the outlet, “We’ve suffered for more than 40 years without knowing what happened to my sister. “We will never be able to fully understand the possibilities of what she might have been. Both she and we were defrauded of that. On Thursday, West posted a $125,000 bond.

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