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Just days after being given back to them by social services, the parents of a 10-month-old baby were convicted guilty of killing their son on Christmas Day while they were under lockdown. Finley Boden, who had 57 fractures and 71 bruises on his body, was killed in 2020 by Stephen Boden, 30, and Shannon Marsden, 22. Before Finley was even born, social workers had expressed concerns about her parents’ drug use and the condition of her household.

She was taken out of her care as soon as she was born in February 2020, just to be given it back in November. A few weeks later, the infant was slain. The repeated “kicks or stomps” caused Finley’s pelvis to break twice. She suffered burns on her hand, one “from a hot flat surface” and the other “from a cigarette lighter flame.” The young boy’s heart arrest resulted in his collapse.

Stephen Boden and Shannon Marsden Age

 Shannon Marsden is 30 years old.

Stephen Boden and Shannon Marsden Incident Detail

He was declared dead at the hospital at 3:45 a.m. on Christmas Day after paramedics were summoned at 2:33 a.m. According to reports, the parents waited an hour before dialling 911 because Stephen wanted to consume marijuana and keep the narcotics from him. The harsh circumstances in which Finley lived her dying days—with faeces in the bedroom—were highlighted by pictures of her and her upset parents that were made public by authorities on Friday, April 14.

After Finley died, the father was overheard at the hospital telling Shannon that he planned to sell the boy’s pram on eBay. Later, he admitted to the police that his goal was to “lighten the mood.” Two days prior to Finley’s passing, he also texted: “I want to bounce him (Finley) off the walls,” the Daily Mail reported. The prosecutor claimed that Finley’s mouth was “torn” on the inside. She said that shoving a bottle or dummy into the child’s mouth was to blame.

One of the infant’s thighs had a “spiral” fracture, while the baby’s shin fracture was “consistent with being held by the ankle and grasped and twisted.” Later, Stephen made an attempt to pin the boy’s severe wounds on the family dog. He allegedly blamed the wounds on Finley’s mouth on his son beating himself “with a rattle” while claiming that the dog may have “jumped on” Finley, breaking many ribs.

He admitted to another family member that he delayed calling an ambulance for an hour in order to smoke a joint of marijuana and hide the narcotics. Shannon and Stephen Boden, both of Barrow Hill, Chesterfield’s Romford Way, both denied being the assassins. Two counts of child abuse and two counts of causing or permitting a child’s death are brought against them.

Finley sustained a number of “appalling” injuries, according to prosecutor Mary Prior KC, including 57 fractures and 71 body bruises, many of which occurred in the moments just before his fatal collapse.Prior testified during the trial that Her Parents conspired to conceal the injuries from the social worker, the health visitor, and the police for their own self-serving motives.

In the event that Finley’s horrifying shape was found while they were treating him, they didn’t want social services to take him away. Just 39 days after being returned to his care, Finley was slain on Christmas Day. He was last seen alive with his parents in Chesterfield on Christmas Eve.

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