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Emmy Award winner Sheryl Lee Ralph has claimed that a popular TV personality sexually assaulted her in the past. The ‘Moesha’ alum revealed that while she was at a network event to promote a show, a “famous TV judge” allegedly assaulted her years ago.

“I am in a very public place. I was dressed I had my suit on. I was running my business for the TV show I was on at the time. He and I were on the same network,” Ralph revealed on the show. ‘Way Up with Angela Yee’ podcast on Monday, March 20. “This man walked in, grabbed me by the neck, spun me around and shoved his nasty tongue down my throat.

Sheryl Lee Ralph Age

Sheryl Lee Ralph is 66 years old.

Sheryl Lee Ralph Incident Detail

And everyone on the network saw it,” the Golden Globe winner recalled the heartbreaking incident. not Judge Greg Mathis. However, the actress did not name the man who allegedly assaulted her. Speaking of Mathis, she said: “I love him. He is a great man. It’s not him at all. He is a great man. This was another.”

The singer herself said that at that time she called Marc Morial, the then mayor of New Orleans, to report the incident. “Do you want me to send the police there right now? Because we’ll fix this, you know what? Morial asked Ralph. However, she said the network’s executives did not want to take the risk because they believed the incident would eventually become public.

Speaking about how the network asked him to sweep the incident under the rug, he said: “Someone at the network tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Please don’t.’ They didn’t want bad press around their show and they they did it.” I didn’t care what just happened to me.”

The actress shared about her other ‘MeToo’ experiences in her career thus far and revealed another incident of alleged sexual assault. She claimed that a promoter inappropriately placed her hand on her leg. “My skirt is knee length. I am wearing a sweater top,” she recalled. “It is awful.

It’s like I could think about these things and I tell you, it was like the third time something like this had happened to me, and I thought, ‘What did I do to deserve that? What did this man think that he could just come and put his hands on my body, in front of [everyone]? He didn’t know me,” Ralph said. The ‘Dreamgirls’ star made these shocking revelations hoping to inspire and empower others to speak up too. “Speak up, speak your truth, and don’t carry the burden of pain, especially if you feel like it’s something you can’t get over,” she said.

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