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Shauna Hoare was granted a license this week after being found guilty of manslaughter in 2015. Hoare completed seven years of his seventeen-year sentence. Nathan Matthews, Becky’s half-brother, was imprisoned for murder. Darren Galsworthy, the father of Becky, said: “It’s a huge slap in the face to everyone who truly loved my beautiful daughter.” The Bristol-born family learned about the broadcast for the first time on Friday morning after Bristol Live broke the news. For his part in Becky’s death, Hoare was put behind bars at the age of 22.

Her then-boyfriend, Matthews, 29, received a 33-year prison term for the murder of his half-sister in a sex-based kidnapping scheme. The boy vanished from his house in February 2015, and his mutilated body was later discovered. Just a few weeks before Becky’s death, the couple communicated through text about the kidnapping of schoolgirls, and teen-oriented pornography was discovered bookmarked on a phone they shared, the hearing heard.

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Shauna Hoare is 29 years old.

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The prosecution argued that Hoare’s denial of knowledge of Becky’s death and dismemberment was “absurd” given that Becky was present when Matthews died and for the majority of the days that followed. Tanya, Becky’s mother, described her life since her passing as a “living nightmare” at the sentencing.

The woman who was jailed alongside her lesbian boyfriend for the murder of Becky Watts, 16, has been freed from custody. After spending eight and a half years of a 17-year jail term for manslaughter, Shauna Hoare was granted a license this week.

Nathan Matthews, her then-boyfriend, who was 29 at the time, received a 33-year prison term for the murder of his half-sister in a “sexually motivated” kidnapping scheme. On February 19, 2015, Becky was last observed alive at her home in St. George, Bristol.

Before his body was put in the trunk of the car, Matthews and Hoare had strangled him in the bedroom. After that, they took him to their house where they cut him up with a knife and a circular saw. The evil pair concealed Becky’s remains in bags and boxes and kept them in the cabin next door.

On March 3, Matthews and Hoare were living in a flat in Barton Hill when Becky’s mutilated body was discovered nearby. The two were then detained and put in jail. Tanya, Becky’s mother, revealed after Hoare’s release that she had been terrified and powerless about this day for years.

The actor stated, in a statement to BristolLive, “The main reaction is anger. I’m really upset, but what can I do? I don’t want him to feel that he can go down the street carefree after what he’s done. I believe he is cruel and cold.

The fact that Becky trusted her was the worst thing for me, and what really upset me was that every time I phoned Becky, Shauna answered, and sometimes for a brief moment I mistakenly believed it was Becky since she was so sweet.

“She’s not even 30 years old; she still has a full life and a future ahead of her, but whenever we go to speak to our daughter, we are talking to the ground,” a parent said. While incarcerated, Hoare had a lesbian connection with the arsonist Bernie Chance and intended to wed her.

Hoare reportedly suffered such severe beatings when incarcerated at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey that he required two resuscitations.

According to reports, one of the terms of the killer’s release was that he was not permitted to go back to Bristol. Officials from the Home Office have refused to give any information on the plans for Hoare’s community release.

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