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Caycie Walsh Wiki – Caycie Walsh Biography

8-year-old Caycie Walsh was last seen on Saturday, September 2, at noon, heading in the direction of Keighley Road in Illingworth. Since then, no one has seen her. West Yorkshire Police are making urgent efforts to find Caycie.

Caycie Walsh Age

Caycie Walsh is 08 years old.

Caycie Walsh Incident Detail

She is thought to be sporting a pair of black joggers, a black T-shirt, and a green-and-black backpack. In West Yorkshire, police are desperately looking for a missing eight-year-old youngster.

Caycie Walsh, age 8, was last seen wandering down a road in West Yorkshire before she went missing.

The young male was described as sporting black tracksuits and a black T-shirt.Also suspected is the presence of a black and green backpack.

Caycie was last seen at around midday in Illingworth travelling in the direction of Keighley Road, according to West Yorkshire Police.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police at once at 999 and reference log 0752 from September 2.

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