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Dominic Pezzola, who used a stolen police shield to smash a Capitol window, was given a 10-year prison term on Friday. Pezzola was the only one of the Proud Boys trial’s five defendants who was not found guilty of the primary accusation of provocative conspiracy. Attorneys had requested a 20-year sentence for him. The other two Proud Boys received sentences from US District Judge Timothy Kelly on Thursday that were roughly half of what the prosecution had asked for in Pezzola’s case.

On Thursday, former InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs received a 17-year prison term, and Philadelphia Proud Boy Zach Rehl, who was discovered to have pepper sprayed police officers, received a 15-year sentence. Pezzola spoke in his own defense at the April hearing, calling the accusations against him “false,” and on January 6, he advanced hypotheses about Ray Epps, a participant who has not yet been charged. Pezzola’s actions in the Capitol on January 6 were amply captured on camera, including one he recorded while inside the building after ordering the breach.

Dominic Pezzola Age

Dominic Pezzola is 46 years old.

Dominic Pezzola Incident Detail

He was found guilty in May of counts included taking the police shield, assaulting, restraining, or hindering specific officers. In his own video from January 6, he added, “I knew if we worked hard enough, we could get our hands on this darn thing. He was “acting like a soldier in the civil war he imagined” on January 6, according to the prosecution.

The Proud Boy, who organized the US Capitol riot and used a police shield to enter the building before filming himself puffing on a celebration cigar, was given a 10-year prison term. Dominic Pezzola, a 46-year-old ex-US Marine, participated in the raid on Congress on January 6, 2021, fighting alongside officers.

He was judged responsible for both attacking police and impeding official business. Ethan Nordean, another Proud Boy, will receive a sentence on Friday in response to a more serious accusation of seditious conspiracy. Pezzola may be seen enjoying what he refers to as a “victory cigar” in the Capitol building in a selfie video that was filmed on the day of the riot.

During Friday’s sentencing, Pezzola showed emotion and expressed regret for his deeds. But shouts of “Trump won!” could be heard after the judge gave the prison term and departed the courtroom. Along with Pezzola and Nordean, three other group members—former president Enrique Tarrio, American veterans Joe Biggs and Zachary Rehl—appeared in court.

Biggs and Rehl received sentences of 17 and 15 years in jail, respectively, on Thursday. Pezzola was the only one of the five defendants to be cleared of the seditious conspiracy allegation, which accused them of planning to overthrow the government or “use of force to prevent, obstruct, or delay the execution of any law of the United States.”

However, the prosecution contended that Pezzola’s violent behavior during the incident called for a severe punishment. “Pezzola’s actions and statements leave no room for doubt that he intended to influence or influence government conduct through intimidation or pressure,” the prosecution stated in a sentencing brief. On January 6, “he committed a terrorist crime.”

Even though he didn’t hold a leadership position with the Proud Boys, Judge Timothy Kelly told Pezzola on Friday that he “played a significant role” in the Capitol disturbance. A national humiliation occurred, according to Judge Kelly. The combative Pezzola had consistently minimized the acts of the crowd during the conflict during the hearing, claiming that they were merely “trespassing protesters” and not a “occupying force.”

When he observed police utilizing non-lethal weapons to disperse the throng, he claimed that his return to military training explained his behavior that day to the jury. You can never turn around and flee in the Army or the Marine Corps, Pezzola remarked. “You’ve been taught not to consider the flight response. You’ve been trained to flee from danger.

Pezzola repeated the ludicrous accusations that the uprising was “engineered” by federal agents and informants in an interview with the Washington Post following his conviction, calling the trial “a complete sham.” Over 1,100 people were detained on riot-related accusations; 630 of them later confessed, leading to more than 110 convictions. Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, was given the longest prison term ever (18 years) in May.

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