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Hot to the punch points of Marvel’s immense Future Phase declarations for the MCU at Comic-Con this year, we now acknowledge who will direct perhaps the best movie coming up. Destin Daniel Cretton, who made Shang-Chi such a victory, is in charge of regular Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

The accompaniment of the Avengers movies, which is not normally on screens until May 2, 2025, close to Avengers: Secret Wars in November of that year, will conclude Phase 6 of the MCU.While The Hollywood Reporter got the articulation of Cretton’s use for ease, we still have no idea who is casting the movie, nor has he been given a clear role as of now. Obviously, Jonathan Majors, who played the Kang He Who Remains variety in Loki (and appears as another structure in next February’s Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania), will be a staple. Beyond that, the rest is discussion.

Cretton has become a part of Marvel’s creative team since introducing the legend of Simu Liu to the MCU. He’s been rooting for a sequel to that film (which, accepting it being resolved based on current news), will likely fill a larger number of empty Phase 6 date slots. Plus, he’s committed to a Wonder Man series for Disney+. Beyond the MCU, he has also been working on high school student shows/whimsical series American Born Chinese.

Regardless, there was speculation Infinity War and Endgame bosses Joe and Anthony Russo might be involved again, Marvel Studios manager Kevin Feige insisting at Con that they’re not (too clamoring for his own efforts, including the Gray Man Foundation). Cretton feels like a good fit: Shang-Chi effectively changed character and presentation, so he’s relying on serious solid areas because he’s dealing with an Avengers story.

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