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An ongoing investigation into a mother-of-three veterinarian who shot and killed two Mississippi police officers in front of her 8-year-old daughter has revealed more shocking information about the tragic incident. Amy Anderson allegedly asked her 8-year-old daughter to hand over the gun she used to ambush Sergeant Steven Robin and Officer Branden Estorffe before being killed in the crossfire. “Mom told me to give her the gun, so I gave her the gun,” the girl told a guest at the Motel 6 in Bay St Louis, where the shooting occurred.

The unidentified girl witnessed the cold murder, saying: “Mum shot at the police and Mum was shot. Her eyes are open and she’s breathing a little,” the Daily Mail reported. Motel guests gave their own accounts leading up to the death from Amy. It is now revealed that the mother of three allegedly told reception that someone was following her before asking them to call the police. Amy’s friend also added that she was going through a personal crisis, the day before her death.

Sgt Steven Robin and Officer Branden Age

Sgt Steven Robin was 34 years old.

Sgt Steven Robin and Officer Branden  Cause of Death

Amy checked into the motel at 2:35 am. Another guest who saw her in her hallway with her daughter and her dog said that she “was acting normal.” But within an hour, Amy was packing up her things and leaving the motel before asking the clerk to call the police because “someone was following her.”

Another guest who was sitting outside her saw Amy packing her things into her Toyota truck. At the time, Robin, 34, and Estorffe, 23, responded to the welfare check request and arrived around 3:30 a.m. Their interaction lasted about 30 minutes before Amy and her daughter got into the car. Her 8-year-old daughter was sitting in the front passenger seat and the driver’s side door was open.

Initially, it was reported that her daughter was sitting in the back when the mother pulled the trigger. “I heard her tell the police that she wanted to leave her. The police told her that she couldn’t leave until they finished investigating her,” said the guest who overheard the conversation.

The motel guest added that she heard some screaming and decided to go into the room, but within seconds shots erupted. Another guest said he heard a woman say, “Get off me, get off me” before hearing multiple shots. “It was eerily quiet,” he told the Daily Mail. He then saw a girl walking around the van. She yelled at the young woman “come here”. Amy’s daughter had blood splattered on her face, arms and legs. ”

Are you going to hurt me? Mom told me that people are trying to kill us,” the 8-year-old daughter asked the guest. After reassuring her, the girl walked towards the guest and within minutes the police raided the place. The guest took the girl into her room for storage, but she kept asking him if her mother was okay. ”

Is mom going to be okay?” the girl asked, according to the guest. The guest’s husband, after hearing the shot, ran out and saw Estorffe lying in a pool of blood. “I wanted to go up to the police officer and press where he was shot,” the man said. But before she could help him, another guest from the balcony above saw the commotion and yelled, “Hey, she’s still breathing and she’s got a gun in her hand.”

He later added that she feels guilty but he was afraid Amy had shot him too. A friend of the vet said: “A 911 call was made Tuesday to go see her because she had a gun and she was delusional and paranoid.” A friend also advised Amy’s family to call 911. “And they went to see her. It turned out it was the wrong decision.” “So you might want to see why after a friend and her mom asked them for help, because Amy was in crisis, why did they decide to leave her there with the gun and her daughter.”

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