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According to reports, a 350-pound 40-year-old guy who brutally attacked his five-foot-tall fiancée in their hotel room and crushed her under his weight was sentenced to three years in prison. In August 2022, in Bolton, Greater Manchester, Sean Mellin assaulted 32-year-old Charlotte Marsden and exploited her chubby frame to force her to the floor of a Travelodge room.

During an uncontrollable intoxicated and drugged outburst, which the court described as a “night of intimidation and brutalization,” Mellin allegedly choked, punched, and kicked Marsden around the hotel room. The previous messenger, according to Marsden, was a “monster with a big belly” who utilised her enormous size to bully her.

Sean Mellin Age

Sean Mellin is 40 years old.

Sean Mellin Incident Detail

Mellin, a Bolton resident, admitted to an assault that resulted in actual bodily harm and strangulation at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court and was given a three-year prison sentence, according to DailyMail. It was revealed during the trial that Marsden, who was only wearing a towel, was able to leave the hotel room after a drunk Mellin passed out there.

Charlotte Marsden sustained bruises as a result of the encounter on her face, legs, back, throat, and backs of her ears. “He is broad and large, and his tummy is large.In a statement to the police, Marsden said: “She knows she’s stronger than me and she knew I was terrified of him. I couldn’t breathe when I was on top of him. I.

I had a dream that I was dead and wearing nothing but my pink sweater. I anticipated it would turn out like cabbage. He appeared to be a monster or a demon. He wasn’t entirely hidden behind his eyes. The victim further disclosed that Mellin once forced his fingers in her nose, which completely stopped her breathing. “All I could do was beg him to stop with my eyes.

I believed I was going to pass away. Only after I started being kind to him did he start to settle down. You’re faking it, you fucking fake bitch’, he yelled as I was puking in the bathroom. That evening, it was someone else. “I was forced to stay at other people’s homes because I believed he would kill me when I left. Since he departed, I haven’t missed him, he said.

They originally met in 2020 during the first lockdown, and at the time, the man seemed to be a “decent man,” according to Marsden. But as Covid limitations grew, the relationship gradually deteriorated, and the victim recalled feeling “stuck with him.” According to prosecutor Mark Pritchard, “things were going well at first, but an argument broke out between them and that’s where things started to go wrong.”

He further disclosed that Marsden had to vomit as a result of Mellin holding her by the throat for so long, and that when she went to the toilet to do so, he “accused her of faking it.” He then kicked her in the face while grabbing her hair. Additionally, he repeatedly knocked her head against the room’s walls. The weight of her body was then used to suffocate her as he pinned her to the ground.

She was having trouble breathing, but he assured her that she was not leaving. The prosecution added: “At that point, he had a change of heart and pleaded, ‘Let’s calm down, please don’t leave me.Initially entering a not guilty plea, Mellin changed his plea the day of his trial. She was prohibited from speaking with Marsden or her sister in the future by a restraining order.

Mellin was informed by recorder judge Imran Shafi KC that this relationship had a history of violence that culminated on August 22 of last year. Before imposing the three-year term, the judge stated, “You exhibited no remorse or concern for your then partner, even accusing her of pretending to be unwell after being strangled.

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