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An Australian YouTuber, popular for sharing her experiences living in South Korea, has died after a months-long battle with cancer. Sara Holmes was back in Australia after staying away from home due to Covid-19 border restrictions when she was rushed to the emergency room with back pain and later diagnosed with leukaemia. The 31-year-old, known to her fans as HojuSara, said the disease progressed so quickly it was hard to believe. Holmes had 340,000 subscribers and was known for her videos on Korean food, culture, travel and beauty.

Ella’s partner Hyun announced her death on her YouTube channel on Monday, September 5, and played an audio recording of Holmes from the hospital. “If you’re listening to this, I love you all. I’m watching you all from heaven. You are all very precious to me,” she said. “My friends, when things look beautiful, it was I who did that for you. You have to remember this, okay? I will draw you beautiful things in the sky.”

Sara Holmes Age

Sara Holmes was 31 years old.

Sara Holmes Cause of Death

Hyun also announced Holmes’s death with a message on his social media accounts, saying “Since goodbyes are sad, let’s say Bbyong instead. Bbyong!”. According to Daily Mail, ‘Bbyong’ is a Korean term that means to appear or disappear, and is often used as a cute way to say goodbye. Hyun explained that doctors had given Holmes less than a week to live in August, but he managed to last 10 days before his death on September 1.

“She really was a kind person,” he said through tears. “In my entire life, it was the first time I met such a kind person.” Holmes was diagnosed less than six months ago after returning to Australia with Hyun for a family vacation. While staying at a friend’s house in Sydney, he experienced strange back pains that he had never felt before. The pain continued to spread, and once she got to Brisbane to see her parents, she was rushed to the emergency room for tests.

After a few days in hospital and being tested for blood clots, he was told that his heart was healthy and he was probably just experiencing “muscle pain”, before recommending that he go home and “rest for a few days”. . She passed out on her way out of the hospital and was taken to a different hospital by ambulance for further tests, before finally being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

“When she was in that hospital, other people couldn’t get into the emergency room because of the coronavirus; I just had to go in alone,” she revealed in May. Holmes said that she was surprised by her diagnosis, as she led a healthy lifestyle and had just walked and biked with Hyun a few days earlier. She did not smoke or drink alcohol and exercised regularly. “Whatever you do, even if you live healthy, you can get it for no reason,” she told her followers. “Actually, only 1,000 people a year are diagnosed in Australia. So I happen to be one of those people this year. I can only laugh. Honestly, I’ve cried a lot already, so if you don’t laugh, just cry more. Right? Holmes began chemotherapy immediately and spent every day with Hyun and his parents after receiving the diagnosis, until his death on September 1.

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