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Sanna Marin was the world’s youngest prime minister just eight months ago, and she was having the time of her life dancing madly with her celebrity pals. Yet Finland’s prime minister was brought back to earth yesterday night after receiving harsh criticism for the boisterous scenes in August, as well as for her extravagant spending on pensions and education. As the Right-wing populist Finns Party narrowly defeated the opposition center-Right National Coalition Party in Finland’s general election, Marin, 37, who assumed office in 2019, admitted defeat.

The party may not be done just yet, even though the “rock star” PM’s tenure is over. She might yet create a coalition with Petteri Orpo, the head of the National Coalition Party, and her left-leaning Social Democrats, who placed third. Notwithstanding rumours that she would also be persuaded by a move towards a top EU position, the feminist icon confessed she plans to remain in Finnish politics while ruling out a collaboration with the hard-Right Finns Party, which she labels “openly racist.”

Sanna Marin Age

Sanna Marin is 37 years old.

Incident Detail

Following the election, where she received 19.9% of the vote to Orpo’s 20.8 and the Finns’ 20.1%, Marin stated: “Congratulations to the winner of the elections, the National Coalition Party, and the Finns Party. Democracy has had its say. Marin, who agrees with Orpo on the EU and NATO, may eventually take over as Finland’s deputy prime minister until the European Parliament elections held next year.

Given the severity of the economic situation, it might make sense to keep Marin’s Social Democrats in the cabinet, but she is also widely expected to run as the EU socialists’ nominee for president of the European Commission. As Sauli Niinisto is expected to stand down as president of Finland next year, Marin has also been connected to running in the abundant speculation around her future.

Marko Junkkari, a journalist for the daily Helsingin Sanomat, said: “It would be tremendously intriguing to watch how she would do in a presidential election since she is extremely beloved, but she is also extremely loathed.” Marin might be a candidate to succeed departing NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg in September after successfully handling Finland’s admission to the alliance, which is set to become official tomorrow.

Yet, NATO ambassadors believe that the appointment of such a new member is doubtful. Orpo has disagreements with both Marin’s Social Democrats and the Finns Party on a number of subjects, although he might choose to form a government with either group. He charged Marin with weakening Finland’s economic fortitude at a time when the country has been hard struck by Europe’s energy crisis brought on by Russia’s conflict in Ukraine and the cost of living has gone up.

Orpo has disagreed with the Finns Party on issues such as immigration, the EU, and climate change, but he has also stated that he will keep his options open. The Finns Party intends to push back Finland’s aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2035 and views “Fixit,” or leaving the European Union, as a long-term objective. The formation of a government is expected to be difficult and may take many weeks. Sadly for Marin, the leaked video showing a dedicated mother having fun and a few drinks with her friends only served to further undermine her chances of winning a second term.

After the partying video, she apologised and added, “I am also human. I perform my duties. This helps me grow. It has not been a simple week. It has been challenging. But, I firmly believe that people judge us on the quality of our profession rather than our personal lives. But after the leader apologised for clubbing during the pandemic and came into contact with a probable Covid case, the footage was used by her political opponents to question her lifestyle of “partying” once more.

Some claim that Marin is unsuited for office due to her “partying scandals” and “youthful behaviour,” despite the fact that some see her as a competent leader who expertly handled the Covid-19 outbreak. “Sanna Marin is a divisive figure. She has a following similar to that of a rock star, but she also has a large following of haters, according to journalist Junkkari. With her appearance on the cover of the Finnish fashion magazine Trendi in a black jacket without a top underneath in 2020, Marin also attracted attention and was criticised for posing “topless.

Some social media users described the politician’s attire as “inappropriate.” I loved Marin, but I don’t personally think she and her government can implement her plans for economic policy, said 29-year-old voter Kasper Kylmala. A 30-year-old salesman named Antti Piispanen declared: “The “rock star” Marin’s time is over, she achieved nothing positive.”

No party can create a new government on its own because the top three parties received about 20% of the vote each. For the 200 seats in the Eduskunta, the nation’s parliament, more than 2,400 candidates representing 22 parties were running. Traditionally, the largest party in parliament is given the first opportunity to form a government, and since the 1990s, that party has consistently held the position of prime minister.

Although losing ground in recent months, the NCP has led in polls for almost two years. The state debt, which has increased to just over 70% of GDP since Marin assumed office in 2019, has been promised to be reduced. Throughout those four years, Finland’s debt-to-GDP ratio increased from 64% to 73%, which Orpo’s National Coalition hopes to reduce by slashing spending by €6 billion ($6.5 billion). The Finns Party shares the NCP’s support for austerity policies and reductions in government spending, which may be detrimental to Marin.

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