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Sadie Davila, 7, was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull while playing in her backyard. The tragic incident took place outside the Eash Baton Rouge parish house at around 6:30 p.m. m. local time on Friday, January 6, 2023. She was immediately taken to the hospital after suffering multiple injuries.

Unfortunately, the girl from Louisiana succumbed to her injuries. She is remembered as a girl who “bloomed at the dawn of her life.” The dog’s owner was identified as 20-year-old Erich Lopez, and he reportedly told investigators that he was not at his residence when his dog attacked Sadie. Dávila. His house also had no gates or fences to restrain the dog.

Sadie Davila Age

Sadie Davila 07 years old.

Sadie Davila Cause of Death

Sadie Davila, a 7-year-old girl, was violently attacked outside her East Baton Rouge Parish residence. Dávila was reportedly playing while the vicious attack took place on Friday. The dog was found to have pounced on the property where Sadie was playing and then “viciously attacked” her.

A family member reportedly tried to protect the boy from the dog by hitting him with a cane. However, to no avail, the dog continued to attack Sadie Dávila. She was soon rushed to the hospital after sustaining injuries to her skull and face. Unfortunately, Sadie died as a result of her injuries.

Haley Anselmo, Sadie’s heartbroken mother, took to Facebook to discuss her late daughter, writing: Shortly after the attack, she called the police around 6:35 p.m. m. Joining them, the St. George Fire Department also arrived at the scene to provide assistance.

Sadie’s father, Mikey Davila, described her as the “light in my heart.” He later took to Instagram and said: According to the affidavit, investigators found blood all over the dog’s mouth and face. A lot of blood was also found in the yard where Sadie was playing during the attack. The city’s director of animal control revealed that the aggressive dog was euthanized on the day of the attack. Authorities also tested the pit bull for rabies, reports for which will be obtained next week.

Erick Chinchilla López claimed that the dog used to roam the neighborhood unrestrained on a regular basis, which was allegedly in violation of parish law. Lopez’s home was about 150 yards from the area where Sadie Davila was attacked. According to the New York Post, Erick’s residence was also not protected by fences or gates.

Officials spent nearly an hour tracking the pit bull in the dark after the attack. Pictures of the pitbull placed inside a transport van using trap poles were also posted. Authorities arrested and charged 20-year-old Erick Lopez with negligent homicide for failing to restrain his dog. A $7,500 bond was issued in Lopez’s name.

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