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Fastest in America’ star Ryan Fellows is suing television networks and dozens of studios for their negligence that led to Ryan’s death in a car accident. His family claimed that the media giants put Ryan’s life at risk by putting his financial needs first by selecting a road that was reckless and unsafe to run on. In addition, Ryan’s family is suing Warner Bros, Discovery and Lions Gate Entertainment, and others who contributed to the events that led to his tragic car accident.

The lawsuit alleges that the location selected by the Discovery series for “Street Outlaws” was not suitable. The site was revealed to be extremely dangerous for road racing, as it was a dusty, weather-beaten, rough asphalt 55-mph road in the Las Vegas desert, according to TMZ. The lawsuit said the location did not meet any industry safety standards for drag racing.

Ryan Fellows Age

Ryan Fellows was 41 years old.

Ryan Fellows  Cause of Death

Ryan Fellows died last year on August 8, at the age of 41. Sources reported moments leading up to the racer’s death, Ryan lost control of his car near the finish line before the vehicle flipped multiple times and caught fire. The lawsuit alleges that the road had broken asphalt that caused the race cars to lose traction.

They claimed that the roads were so narrow that drivers had no room to correct. In the documents, Ryan’s family claimed that the industry standard road is 30 feet wide, while the road where Ryan crashed was only 12 feet. They added that Warner Bros.

Discovery knew the road was unsuitable for racing and extremely dangerous, however it was an “extreme distance from what a reasonably careful person in the same situation would do to avoid harming others,” it said. the family. .

The family claimed the media cooperatives had every opportunity to move to a safer location after “numerous horrible crashes,” witnessing cars flip, roll, and catch fire, but the company turned a blind eye and instead “laid back.” , turned on the lights and cameras, and waited for the next inevitable crash.”

The lawsuit alleges that when Ryan’s car crashed, it was on fire for more than 30 minutes with the driver inside before the fire crew arrived. Ryan was found burned alive. The lawsuit also noted that only after Ryan’s death did the network move to a 75-foot-wide race track at a California professional race track.

The family says the sudden change only “tests the availability and feasibility of a safer alternative to the unsafe desert highway.” The lawsuit seeks damages for filming life-threatening collisions and broadcasting them on television for financial gain.

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