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10 people were shot and two of them are in critical condition after a mass shooting incident. The rampage occurred around 3.45 pm Monday, January 30, in Lakeland, Florida. So far, no suspects have been identified.The mass shooting has deeply shaken the small town of Lakeland, and police are currently searching for four suspected shooters.

The Lakeland Police Department released a picture of a four-door Nissan sedan car and said they were working to find the driver. According to city officials, the suspected gunmen approached the victims slowly and quietly before opening fire. Police arrived at the scene only a minute after the shooting began and discovered three injured victims. The other victims were taken privately to a hospital by police.

Ron DeSantis and Florida Age

Ron DeSantis is 44 years old.

Ron DeSantis and Florida Incident Detail

The shooting occurred near Iowa Avenue North and Plum Street. According to the US Sun, two of the victims are said to be in critical condition, while the condition of the others is described as stable. Although the victims have not yet been identified, it was reported that all of the victims are men between the ages of 20 and 35 and investigators are working to determine their relationships.

According to Police Chief Sam Taylor, a “felony amount” of marijuana was found at the scene of the crime. Taylor said, “This is something that doesn’t happen in Lakeland.” “I have never worked an event where this many people have been shot at one time.” Taylor also assured that the public isn’t in any danger as he described the shooting as targeted by officials and not a random act.

People on internet talked about the loose gun laws in the state of Florida while some said the shooting and gun laws have no correlation. One user said, “There was literally a mass shooting in Lakeland, Florida that has left at least 9 people injured just now. Maybe let’s not weaken gun laws by passing permitless carry in Florida. Just a thought.” While one user said, “Shoots and gun laws or ownership have no correlation…”

Congressman Ritchie Torres tweeted, “A mass shooting in Lakeland, Florida has left 10 people injured. Yet Ron DeSantis wants people to freely carry firearms without a permit, which will cause even more guns to fall into the hands of even more mass shooters.” While another user said, “There were several mass shootings in California last week, where there are strict gun control measures.

No correlation.” One user said, “Just HOURS ago DeSantis announced that Floridians would be able to carry a gun without a permit Well, guess what?! 9 people were just shot in a mass shooting in Florida DeSantis has blood on his hands & hopes to pave his road to the White House with the dead bodies of Americans.” Another user said, “This sounds much more like a gang shooting–like what happens in Chicago on most weekends.”

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