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A 55-year-old Florida man named Robert Pannell was arrested for allegedly murdering a hotel employee and also assaulting a couple. Pannell reportedly shot and killed the Kentucky hotel clerk. The same has been confirmed by the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Pannell is facing several charges, including first-degree murder and resisting arrest. The tragic incident took place Saturday morning at the Best Western hotel in southwestern Kentucky. Authorities discovered that Robert Pannell was a guest at the hotel when the incident occurred.

Robert Pannell Age

Robert Pannell is 33 years old.

Incident Detail

They have yet to publicly reveal a possible motive behind the shooting. No one else was injured in the shooting that took place at the hotel that morning. Pannell is currently being held at a local jail on $2.5 million bail. On Saturday, around 9:48 a.m. m., law enforcement officers received calls about a shooting that took place in southwestern Kentucky at a Best Western hotel.

Upon arrival, officers found 55-year-old Robert Pannell in the hotel parking lot and arrested him. Authorities began investigating the area and found a hotel employee on the first floor, who had reportedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his entire body and head.

After extensive questioning and investigation, police discovered that Pannell had allegedly assaulted a couple because they did not give him a lighter. He then entered the establishment with a gun. Soon after, Pannell opened fire, wounding an employee who was later pronounced dead.

The Palm Coast man was reportedly a guest staying at the hotel at the time of the crime. Robert Pannell is facing multiple charges including first degree murder, assault, wanton endangerment, threatening conduct, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. The victim was rushed to a hospital and was reportedly kept alive for organ donation.

The police are trying to find out what Pannell was doing in Paducah in the first place. They are also trying to understand the course of events that could possibly have led to the shooting. Pannell is being held on $2.5 million bond at the McCracken County Jail. The case is currently under investigation. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is assisting in the investigation along with the MCSO.

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