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In August 2022, Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez was detained by police officers acting on the orders of President Daniel Ortega. Ortega ordered the arrest of Rolando Álvarez, 56, and placed him under house arrest due to the bishop’s open criticism of the authoritarian regime of the controversial president in Nicaragua.

Álvarez’s imprisonment on Sunday, February 12, 2022, after he was sentenced to more than 26 years in prison Expressing sadness at the news of Bishop Rolando Álvarez’s sentencing, Pope Francis called on Nicaraguan government officials to find a peaceful solution following Ortega’s crackdown on the Catholic Church that led to the arrest of several priests. in the country.

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Alvarez Age

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Alvarez’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

Ortega blames the Catholic Church for protests against his authoritarian regime in 2018 that killed 300 people in Nicaragua. He believes the Catholic Church, an institution free from government intervention, fanned the flames of dissent against his government and has since expelled Catholic nuns and missionaries from the country.

On Friday, February 10, 2023, Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez was charged with treason for undermining national integrity and spreading false news, and sentenced to 26 years in prison after the bishop refused to board a flight to the United States with 222 other prisoners who were also detained for openly criticizing President Daniel Ortega.

According to Reuters, the pope’s comments on Alvarez’s arrest were included in his weekly blessing to pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday. He said: According to an anonymous source who spoke to the Associated Press, Álvarez refused to board a flight to the US because he believed he had done nothing wrong by speaking out against the government, which is known for curbing free speech.

The pope’s comments come a year after Ortega, who believed the church backed protests against his government in 2018, criticized the Catholic Church, calling it a “perfect dictatorship” for not allowing members to elect the pope. . In a televised address last year, Ortega called “murderous” priests working with the United States to overthrow his government.Meanwhile, concerns for Nicaraguans have grown as Ortega continues to silence his opponents as he intensifies his efforts to establish an authoritarian regime.

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