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Robert Crimo Jr, the father of the Highland Park mass shooter, was charged with seven counts of reckless conduct for helping his son obtain the gun used in the July attack that left seven dead. Crimo Jr helped his son, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, buy firearms despite the 21-year-old’s history of mental illness and threats of violence, prosecutors say.

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Reinhart announced the charges, saying they are related to Crimo Jr’s sponsorship of his son’s Illinois firearm owner’s identification card. “Parents and guardians are in the best position to decide if their teen should have a gun. They are the first line of defense. In this case, that system failed when Robert Crimo Jr sponsored his son,” Reinhart said, according to The Sun. “

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Robert Crimo Jr’s age is Unkown.

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He knew what he knew, and he signed the form anyway. This was criminally reckless and contributing cause to the bodily harm suffered by the victims on July 4.” The 21-year-old’s father was charged with one count for each victim of the mass murder and turned himself in on Friday, December 16. He is due to appear in bail court on Saturday.

Bobby legally purchased at least five guns with his new firearms license, including the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 that he is accused of using to fire more than 80 rounds during the mass shooting. He faces 117 charges for the parade massacre that killed seven people and injured dozens more.

Initially, his father stated that he reportedly did not regret sponsoring his son to obtain a FOID (firearms owners identification) card that allowed her to legally purchase weapons. Crimo Jr described the entire ordeal as a “nightmare”, adding that he and his family were equally distraught as he believed his son had been raised in good morals. “You know, I’m in a state of turmoil. Of everything. emotions.

I mean, it’s just, it’s numbing and I don’t know how else to explain it. Like I’m in a bad dream right now,” he said in July. “As a parent, I practically lost a child,” according to the news outlet. He reportedly ran for Highland Park mayor in April 2019 and lost.

According to police records, the Highland Park Police Department determined that Bobby posed a “clear and present danger” after a family member claimed that he threatened to “kill everyone” in September 2019. a context in which it’s like a kid’s outburst, whatever he was upset about,” Crimo Jr. said.

He sponsored his son’s under-21 firearm owner identification card three months later, which was approved by the Illinois State Police and renewed when Bobby turned 21, as per reports. Twitter users were also delighted to see Robert Crimo Jr receive seven counts of reckless conduct. One user tweeted:

“Finally… This, you guys need this to happen more often… (Or, you know, enact common sense gun laws like other countries have done…).” Another said: “Long ago he said, if a shooter uses the gun of his grandfather, father, uncle, cousin, etc., that family member should go to jail. They are also responsible. Yes, there will be exceptions, but in principle, this must happen!

One user said: “This is a good first step. People who sponsor other people’s gun ownership should really think about it before signing that sponsorship. They should be absolutely responsible,” while another added: “Well…he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with no reductions of charges, no plea bargains.” “Yes! I live in Highland Park and this guy blatantly lied and endangered everyone’s safety because of his lies,” one user tweeted.

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