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The administrator of a Westchester County high school has resigned after a devastating investigation revealed that he covered up for children taking obscene pictures of their special education classmates in the bathroom. Last March, two of the four teens involved in the disturbing incident at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York, came forward with their confessions. However, despite police involvement, Principal Brett Miller and several other Bedford administrators chose to keep their confessions to themselves, according to outside investigator Kroll.

According to the report made public on Tuesday, December 13, Miller did not punish the two boys. Investigations only revealed the involvement of the second couple after reviewing the video. The school’s deputy principal and the coordinator of the Dignity for All Students Act were also aware of the confessions, but neither punished the children or informed the authorities that they had identified the offenders.

Brett Miller Age

Brett Miller is 64 years old.

Incident Detail

Kroll’s report claims that a student whistleblower informed school officials of the invasion of privacy. Ten days after the act, the two boys admitted that they were responsible. Miller informed police that there was “still no evidence” of who was responsible for the sexual recordings and images despite being aware of the two students who confessed.

A few weeks later, Miller informed parents at a school board meeting that during interviews with students, “no one broke down,” The US Sun reports. Kroll’s report found that “no one in the administration took ownership of the investigation of the reported misconduct and no one took responsibility for ensuring that key constituents received timely and accurate information.”

“Several times during the investigation, the information that was provided was incomplete or inaccurate, which in turn prevented the Superintendent from properly discharging his duties to the Board and the community,” he said. “The administrative team was more focused on covering themselves through lies, distractions and evasions than on the well-being of the students they claim to always put first,” Karen Close, the mother of one of the child victims, told CBS. .

News. Close’s daughter, Jennifer, attributed her brother’s bullying to school spirit, saying the bullies thought it was fun to photograph and post pictures of their vulnerable classmates. “There is an obvious problem with the students in this school district, and as leaders of this school district, you need to find a way to reach these students in a beneficial way,” Close said.

According to Lohud’s reports, the Bedford school district is implementing Kroll’s recommendation to train school administrators on how to communicate effectively during investigations and is trying to update its parent notification policy. The district will also evaluate your DASA training, according to Glass, to make sure it meets the highest standards.

“The publication of this report opened a wound that had not fully healed after an egregious event,” Glass said. “It’s about being trustworthy. This is about being responsible. It’s about rebuilding trust everywhere.” Miller will continue to work for the district through June, though not as a principal.

However, Bedford Superintendent Robert Glass told a school board meeting on Wednesday, December 14, that Miller hopes to leave the district sooner if she finds another job. Director of Student Services Edward Escobar, another school district employee who was aware of the confessions, is currently on leave “for the foreseeable future.”

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