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On January 6, school teacher Abby Zwerner was shot by one of her 6-year-old students at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, Virginia. During the course of the investigation, the school administration revealed that an officer had informed an administrator that a firearm was on campus prior to the shooting.

In an official news release, Richneck Elementary School Superintendent George Parker said at least one official raised the possibility that a weapon was on campus. CNN reported that Abby Zwerner is currently in stable condition. The 6-year-old suspect was arrested and placed at a health center for a mental health evaluation. Since the shooter is a minor, she cannot be criminally prosecuted.

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Robbie Knievel was 60 years old.

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In an official statement, Newport News School District spokeswoman Michelle Price explained what happened after officials were notified of a possible weapon on campus. Price said while a search was underway, they were unable to find any weapons.

Price stated that she did not know where the student had kept the gun. The Guardian reported that officials believe the 6-year-old boy took it from his mother, who had legally bought the firearm.

Kelly King, spokeswoman for the Newport News Police Department, said officials had not been informed that a school employee knew a weapon was on the premises before the shooting of Abby Zwerner.

According to USA Today, Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers, said the shooting may be a sign that officials need to conduct more rigorous searches.

Senator Jennifer Boysko also commented on the incident. In an announcement about stricter gun laws, Boysko said:

While the 6-year-old student cannot be prosecuted for shooting Abby Zwerner, her mother could face misdemeanor charges for failing to keep the gun out of the girl’s reach.

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