Quincy Promes Jail: Quincy Promes Sentenced to Prison For Six-Year In Drug Trafficking

Quincy Promes Dutch footballer

Former Netherlands international Quincy Promes, once a prominent figure in European football, has been handed a significant blow to his career and reputation. The Dutch court sentenced the former Ajax and Sevilla forward to six years in prison for his involvement in drug trafficking, marking a dramatic turn in his life outside the football pitch.

Quincy Promes Dutch footballer
Quincy Promes Dutch footballer

Quincy Promes Jail

Quincy Promes, who made 50 appearances for the Dutch national team, faced a downfall when he was charged in 2021. The charges against him stem from his alleged participation in smuggling two shipments of cocaine in January 2020. Despite his previous achievements on the field, Promes was removed from the national team following the legal allegations against him.

According to the source, “Former Dutch international Promes did not attend court hearings in Amsterdam and is not expected to return to the Netherlands in the foreseeable future.”

Quincy Promes Russia Drug Trafficking

The Dutch court sentenced Promes to six years in prison for drug trafficking, despite prosecutors initially seeking a nine-year sentence. The severity of the punishment reflects the court’s determination to set a precedent against involvement in drug-related crimes, especially among public figures like Promes.

The judge in the case emphasized the significance of Promes’ actions, stating, “Not only his sporting achievements but also the wealth he flaunts, make him an example for many and — as the court assumes — especially for young people.” This underscores the court’s view that Promes’ behavior is particularly reprehensible given his influence and visibility within society.

Quincy Promes Sentenced to Prison For Six Year

Promes, who currently plays for Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League, intends to appeal the court’s decision. Despite the sentencing, it remains uncertain how this will affect his contractual obligations with the club or his future in professional football.

According to the source, “It is currently unclear whether or not the sentencing impacts his standing with the club, where he is on contract until June.”

This isn’t the first time Promes has faced legal trouble. In a separate case, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for assaulting his cousin in 2020, an incident that involved stabbing. However, Promes has yet to serve this sentence, and his whereabouts during this period have primarily been in Russia, where he continues to play professional football.

Quincy Promes’ sentencing to six years in prison for drug trafficking marks a significant setback in his career and personal life. Once celebrated for his accomplishments on the football field, Promes now faces the consequences of his alleged involvement in criminal activities.

As he navigates the legal process and potentially appeals the court’s decision, the future remains uncertain for the former Dutch international.

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