Jameskii Calls YouTuber Twomad A ‘Pedophile’, Accused Him of Abuse

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The untimely death of popular YouTuber Twomad has sent shockwaves across the online community. However, the aftermath has brought to light disturbing allegations against the late content creator.

In a post on X, fellow YouTuber Jameskii accused Twomad of being a “pedophile” and detailed attempts at murder. These accusations have ignited a wave of controversy, shedding light on the darker side of the online influencer world.

Twomad 3

Jameskii Accused Twomad of Abuse

According to Jameskii’s post, Twomad’s attempts at murder involved dangerous scenarios, such as attempting to drive head-on into freeway traffic while under the influence of illegal drugs. “He wanted to take out multiple innocent lives,” Jameskii asserted. Fortunately, Twomad’s attempts were unsuccessful, with overdosing being the outcome on one occasion.

Jameskii Calls YouTuber Twomad A ‘Pedophile

Following Twomad’s demise, Jameskii took to X to share shocking revelations about the deceased YouTuber. He boldly stated, “Twomad was a rapist and a pedophile,” alleging that Twomad had made multiple attempts to end his life. Jameskii claimed, “He tried to murder me multiple times for helping the police & detectives in multiple states to investigate a lot of horrible things he’s done.”

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Confirmation of Twomad’s Death

Twomad’s death was confirmed on February 14, 2024, when the LAPD conducted a welfare check at his residence in Los Angeles, California. The 23-year-old YouTuber had been unresponsive for several days, prompting concern. Drug paraphernalia was reportedly found at the scene, adding to the mystery surrounding his demise.

Zastela’s Disturbing Experience

The allegations against Twomad didn’t end with Jameskii. Twitch streamer Zastela also came forward, accusing Twomad of sexual harassment and pedophilia.

Zastela shared on X that she had been harassed by Twomad for months, receiving disturbing messages expressing obsession and containing explicit content. The accusations resurfaced a year after similar claims were made against Twomad in June 2023.

The Fallout and Public Reaction

Jameskii’s post has gone viral, amassing over 12 million views and sparking intense reactions from the online community. Netizens express shock and disbelief over the serious allegations made against Twomad, adding a layer of complexity to the already tragic circumstances surrounding his death.


The aftermath of Twomad’s death has unearthed disturbing allegations against the late YouTuber, with Jameskii and Zastela bringing serious accusations to light. As the online community grapples with the shock of the revelations, it is essential to remember the severity of such allegations and await any official investigations or statements.

The circumstances surrounding Twomad’s passing are undoubtedly tragic, and the allegations against him further complicate the narrative, leaving the internet community in a state of disbelief and concern.

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