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A nine-year-old schoolgirl was pleasantly surprised when she received a ‘thank you’ note from the Queen the day after her death. Lois Hanson, a primary school student from West End, Hampshire, had sent Queen Elizabeth II a poem to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and had forgotten about it. However, she finally received a response from the late monarch on Friday, September 9, one day after Her Majesty passed away at the age of 96. Lois’s mother found the cream-colored envelope in her mailbox and realized that it was perhaps one of the Queen’s last pieces. correspondence.

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Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old.

Incident Detail

The letter was reportedly signed ‘Elizabeth R’ and thanked little Lois for her kind words. She also featured two photographs of the Queen along with a royal coat of arms, extending “thank you for her kind message on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of my accession to the throne.” Lois told the Daily Mail: “She was a wonderful Queen and her Jubilee showed us all the wonderful things she has done for us and I wanted to do something for her. I was shocked. I was happy to have a card from her.” , but sad because she had died the day before.”

Lois’s mother, Zoe Hanson, noted that the postmark on the reply was dated September 7, 2022, the day before the Queen died. “Lois wanted to send [the poem] to the Queen, so we put it in an envelope at Buckingham Palace, without waiting for a reply,” she told the outlet. “It had completely disappeared from our minds for the last four months until the postman arrived on Friday, the day after the Queen’s death. The only letter that arrived at the door that day was a fancy envelope, so I checked the postmark, which was Buckingham Palace, 07.09.22”. She added: “It must be one of the last things to come from [the Queen]. When she came across the post, she was very excited, because she had completely forgotten that she had written to the Queen, as [her Jubilee] was four months ago”.

Zoe said that she had to stop her daughter from taking the original letter to school and instead gave her a photocopy to show her classmates. “Lois wanted to take it to school, and I said ‘no, no, you’re not going to put it in a school bag’ because then she gets yogurt on her,” the mother said. “I know what goes in a school bag, well no, who knows what goes in a school bag?” Lois and Zoe now search for the perfect setting for the Queen’s response. “We’re trying to decide what’s wrong with him. We think we’ll frame him. I think probably in the living room somewhere, a place of honor,” Zoe added.

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