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A judge in Ohio was fired from the courtroom on Tuesday, October 18, for misconduct that includes frequent lying, issuing false arrest warrants and appearing in court wearing spandex shorts, tank tops and sneakers. Pinkey Judge Susan Carr, 57, was immediately suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court after she agreed to undergo physical and mental health evaluations. More than 100 accusations of misconduct were made against her, the Daily Mail reports. Court members said Carr’s “unprecedented” actions showed a serious “abuse” of power in the final 5-2 ruling. .

Carr received the second most severe punishment a lawyer or judge can receive for violating ethics. The judge’s attorney, Nicholas Froning, made the hard-to-accept claim that the judge’s misconduct as a public official was caused by “mistreated” or “untreated” conditions such as “sleep apnea, menopause, and a generalized mood disorder.” cheer up”. Carr’s misconduct was first exposed while she was conducting court proceedings after the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the courthouse to close.

Pinkey Susan Carr Age

Pinkey Susan Carr is 18 years old.

Incident Detail

She then issued warrants for the defendants who did not appear in court despite being told they were not required to due to the coronavirus. She repeatedly set bail at $5,000 and $10,000 for defendants who were not present in court, then lied and said the warrants were “absolutely false.” Carr is charged with a series of outrageous behaviors amounting to running her courtroom “in a manner befitting a game show host rather than a Cleveland Municipal Court judge” in the 58-page damning indictment in her against.

In her courtroom, she frequently insulted the defendants and her defense attorney. The judge called a lawyer who questioned continuing in court during the pandemic a “little idiot.” The presentation reads: “She led the court from a bench covered in a variety of dolls, mugs, and novelty items.” She publicly discussed the Mississippi strip club-themed Starz television series P-Valley.

“You know what my P-Valley is, my name will be Passion. I have to go to that class though so I can learn how to climb that pole,” Carr said, referring to her bailiff as “Miss Pudding from P-Valley.” “. ” Carr had never been married, but she got engaged twice, according to a local Cleveland publication, in 2013. She spends a lot of time volunteering at Cleveland neighborhood soup kitchens and children’s literacy programs.

She is also an active member of her church community. Carr has previously referred to herself as a Cleveland native. She attended the region’s university and law school. Carr frequently waived fines and dismissed court reprimands for defendants for arbitrary reasons, such as the timing of her birthday. She stated in court documents that she had waived a ticket on several occasions because “It was the defendant’s birthday that month” or “The defendant’s birthday was nine days before Valentine’s Day.”

In one case, she said, “I’m going to waive your fine and costs because you know Eric. And his birthday is May 26, the same day as my best friend’s birthday.” In the absence of a prosecutor, she also exceeded the limits of her judicial authority. According to the filing, Carr said, “The DA is not here. Let’s see how much we can get away with.” She once issued a 15-day jail sentence for someone who made a sarcastic comment in her courtroom while she was rolling her eyes. Furthermore, she definitely violated the expectations of her position with her work attire.

The complaint states that “She has appeared on several occasions at the bank in athletic attire consisting of a tank top and long shorts, or an above-the-knee spandex t-shirt and shorts, and sneakers.” She was also in the habit of wearing ostentatious necklaces and other jewelry at court, which complemented the countless flowers, bottles, and other trinkets she kept in her pew.

Members of the Ohio Supreme Court were reluctant to accept her attorney’s contention that Carr’s deteriorating professional behavior was due to her suffering from a series of mood-stabilizing illnesses. Carr’s attorney said, “When it comes to sleep apnea, she wasn’t able to get enough sleep. When it comes to menopause, she was dealing with issues where she couldn’t function 100%,” Carr’s attorney said. Ohio Judge Patrick Fischer asked, “How does sleep apnea or menopause contribute to lying?”

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