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TV icon Judge Judy Sheindlin and her granddaughter Sarah Rose joined the sets of “Good Morning America” ??just weeks before the season two premiere of “Judy Justice.” Sheindlin stepped into the spotlight with a beaming smile on her face along with her granddaughter, who plays the character of a paralegal in the spin-off series. Sheindlin energetically greeted interviewers one after another before taking a seat.

The 79-year-old was quickly retired for spending 50 years on the bench, 27 of those years as the longest-serving judge on television. He played the legendary character of Judge Judy for 25 seasons and garnered immense popularity throughout his career. The star of one of the longest-running shows shared some tips and advice and took a tour of his continuing legacy in the interview.

Judge Judy Age

Judge Judy is 79 years old.

Incident Detail

When asked how the judge stays true to herself, she said: “It’s been kind of easy. I grew up with, you do the right thing, the right thing happens [and] you take responsibility. Things don’t work out anymore. I found in the family court that the dysfunction that I saw had not been resolved and even though billions of dollars were spent trying to find remedy and the right therapy and the right social service, it didn’t get any better today is just another example of that “.

“I just stay in my own little world, I’m like, ‘This is right and this is wrong,’ if you’re telling the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. Try to keep good friends and keep your enemies closer until you find that you can annihilate them,” he added during his interview on Good Morning America. The TV judge’s granddaughter then confessed how she feels about carrying on his legacy and carrying it forward.

Sarah Rose shared the details on how he felt receiving his title from Sheindlin. “It was surreal that my grandmother was the first speaker at the first graduation [since the pandemic] due to COVID, only for my classmates to be excited about the moment, and then for me personally it was a pleasure that she was there – And being able to give me my title was really special, it was a huge legacy moment for me.”

The pair then talked about what fans can expect from the upcoming season and the changes that were made for her. The second installment of the series will apparently be more and better of the same as its premiere season. Finally, Sheindlin talked about her plans around her 80th birthday celebration, which would be later this month. The judge announced that she will spend time on a private secluded island with her family.

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